Life Is Strange Episode 5: Polarized Marks Max Caulfield’s ‘Transformation’

Life Is Strange protagonist Max Caulfield will undergo a “Transformation” in the story of the final episode in Dontnod Entertainment’s series, Episode 5: Polarized.

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Takwin2146d ago

Absolutely love this game. And then when I consider the price it was and that me and my wife both can play it (and share it) via Steam, it is just incredible. It is a memorable game and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I wish we had 10 games like it a year!

dota2champion2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I thought this was a life if strange episode 5 review, i was thinking this episode is out

audiocafe2146d ago

Hopefully this game gets some recognition when GOTY nominees roll around. It would be deserved