Week recap: PS3 sales double; Xbox 360 60GB; Wii profit

Punch Jump Week Recap. Stories include:

Sony Corp. this week posted a near 50 percent fall in Q1 profits. However, the company's game unit posted a profit and held double the PS3 sales from one year ago.

Advanced sales for Resistance 2 increased this week at The title will be released in Nov. to U.S. retail.

The Xbox 360 held increased sales for the third straight week in Japan. Additionally, the hardware ranked two titles in the top 50 software sales.

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 60GB SKU increased this week at Amazon upon availability. The 60GB SKU will replace the newly discounted 20GB version.

Nintendo Co. this week posted a Q1 profit of nearly $1 billion on strong Wii sales. The company sold 1.7 more Wii units in Q1 than the year prior.

Nintendo this week released a new wave of Virtual Console titles to Wii. Titles include Pong Toss, Chase H.Q., and Art of Fighting.

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Silogon4317d ago

none of this means anything to us anymore. We get sales stats and projections and quotes daily and they're all, as Captain Rhodes says "Greek Salad"

Not worth anything.

Sony's overall sales fell 50% this week but they were up 100% from 2 weeks ago. Software sales are down, though, but hardware sales are climbing to 40%.

Who cares? It's stilly.

crazy250004317d ago

do these numbers really bring satisfaction to people?

jamilion4317d ago

"The Xbox 360 held increased sales for the third straight week in Japan. Additionally, the hardware ranked two titles in the top 50 software sales."

lol that is all i needed to know, Japan & 360 = FAIL

mfwahwah4316d ago

I enjoy the business aspect of video games. Sue me.

Poor Xbots4317d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, there were a shortage of PS3s. Poor XBots, we will dominate once again.

Poor Xbots

TheMART4317d ago

The title is pretty misleading.

This weeks recap makes one think that the PS3 sales dubbeled since a few months, but:

"However, the company's game unit posted a profit and held double the PS3 sales from one year ago. "

I may hope so, because last year around this time the PS3 sales weren't pretty at all.

morganfell4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

And last year they were still outselling the 360 worldwide. You seem to forget that ALL THE TIME. For a company that had a year head start it is pretty bad when your competitor has cut that year lead to just over 5 million if the gap is even that large now.

Look at Amazon. The 360 isn't even in the top 35. It is also sad that people are dumping $87 bucks on the 360 wireless adapter when it should have been included in the 360 from the get go. And that wireless adapter is outselling the 360.

Meanwhile the 80GB MGS4 PS3 bundle sits at number 2.

morganfell4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

One other note. The fact that the 360 is so far down the ladder at Amazon ought to be a big red warning flag as to just how far off the mark the past few weeks of VGChartz 'pull a number out of the hat guessing game' figures really are.

They are never correct but the past few weeks they have gone out of their way to be even more wrong and worthless than is normal.

Be aware that when I stated above the PS3 80GB bundle was number 2 at Amazon, I wasn't just talking about video games. I meant NUMBER 2 OUT OF EVERYTHING AT AMAZON.

Harry1904317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

by next year. Things will go back as to how they were before.

LeonSKennedy4Life4317d ago

With the PS3 in the lead or what?

Cuz that's what's gonna happen.

N4g_null4316d ago

So people are going to artificially boost the PS3 number by buying a blu-ray PS3? That's one thing that happened last gen. Oh SONY 1st party software saved the day? That never really happened they just where riding on the wave. The 3rd parties will buy into the PS3 in droves and pump out great games. Well this happened but every thing got ported to the xbox 360 so that sort of made the xbox and the PS the same box then on top of that the hardcore bought both systems.

The only thing that is the same this gen is SONY is still promising stuff they can not really deliver right now. Some of their best games are FPS can they not see that is way over saturated? Then on top of that the control will always be a problem. Their isn't too much more to tap into on the cell. Mostly PS3 owners are the only ones excited about the new games next year. When is home coming? Why did Ken quit? GTA4 is no longer an exclusive along with FF13. Japan hates PC gaming so why are they still making PC like games for the Japanese market? Why has every one heavily invested in the HD market posted an negative profits this year?

Things are clearly not the same. The PS2 was more of a console that came with a dvd player. The developers where there. The exclusives where there. People bought it for a dvd player forcing it into homes. No 1st or 3rd party game did that. On the PS1 FF7 did that along with new 3d games. The game is different but SONY still has style yet fun is a different story.

Hey but maybe you are right any things can happen and I hope lots of great games are waiting in the wings.

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