Sign-up for Need for Speed Closed Beta

The latest installment of “Need For Speed” game franchise is set to release in November. It is known as the most realistic and fastest Need For Speed game ever. Electronic Arts just started the closed beta for the game.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081185d ago

Just signed up for it! looking forward to trying this out.

Thefreeman0121185d ago

Hope someone can confirm or deny wheel support. I'll only be interested if it does

SniperControl1184d ago

Well it's free, so no risk on your part if it doesn't, ideal time to find out by signing up.

Black0ut1184d ago

That'd be wheely good.
Oh god I've stooped to a new low :'(

Can't wait for NFS, I hope it turns out good like the NFS of old.

InTheZoneAC1184d ago

wheel support in these types of games is like asking for aim assist in call of duty, it's simply stupid

Thefreeman0121184d ago

@InTheZone what are you talking about. Why would I want to use a game pad when I own a wheel? Yeah it's Arcade-y but where is the harm in wanting to use something I paid for.. Plus since when is adding more options to a game a bad thing?

JamesBondage1184d ago

@thefreeman012 he means its obviously going to be included.. because cod games always have aim assist...

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babadivad1184d ago

Really? An article got approved with "XBone" in the title. . .

UKmilitia1184d ago

whats with all the app verication crap and scanning codes.

AlphaKennyOne1184d ago

No PC beta = Another Arkham Knight? We may have another terrible port.

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Sniperwithacause1185d ago

Traffic for the site must be booming. Taking forever to load.

jv19911185d ago

Just signed up for the beta. Lets hope we get in. If not i still buy it. I miss nfs

RiseofScorpio1185d ago

"EA arts"? So Electronic Arts arts? Anyways I'm definetly signing up for the beta.

bOObies1184d ago

I signed up, but it didn't ask for an email. How will they send me a beta code?

superterabyte1184d ago

Presumably by the E-mail address registered with your PSN.

DillyDilly1184d ago

Or with the Email you logged in with

superterabyte1184d ago

Apologies for wrong information but as you logged in via your EA account the E-mail associated with that should be used

dRanzer1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

superterabyte got me

JamesBondage1184d ago

yeah im not sure about that either... oh well

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The story is too old to be commented.