Incredible Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain 4K Screenshots

Some Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain 4K screenshots which obviously look better when viewing on a 4K display.

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ChickeyCantor2141d ago

"Incredible". No. Non of the content is made for that resolution. It actually looks like a blownup Ps2~Ps3 game.

Str8Chaos742140d ago

Really? Ground Zeroes supported 4k and so does this.

ChickeyCantor2140d ago

Supporting a resolution doesn't mean the textures are fit for it. It doesn't look great at all.

MK24ever2141d ago

It looks awful! Resolution by itself means nothing.I actually never saw such ugly images of MGS V before, I play it on my PS4 and it never looked this bad, pausing a video-game frame never looks very good, the Aliasing and bad textures are to visible.

FlameBaitGod2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

If you guys don't have a 4k monitor u shouldn't be able to see it right lol and I don't know what pics you guys are looking at but the ones I'm looking at look great.

I think you guys actually think they look that big and zoomed in, in a 4k Lol

ChickeyCantor2141d ago

what makes you think the bump/normal map will make the rock look less plastic on a 4k monitor? At a higher resolution more details are rendered. And with these texture resolutions you will see pixel stretching.

Only thing that looks good is anything in the distance.

OhMyGandhi2141d ago

what makes this a compelling image to you?

Don't get me wrong, I am loving Phantom Pain right now, but beyond *some* of the character models, this game is not a looker.

MysticStrummer2140d ago

I agree. Love the game, but someone said this was the best looking open world, which is crazy talk imo. My first thought was how it might have looked if it was like the linear MGS games, but the gameplay made me forget all about that before too long.

PersonMan2140d ago

I'm not very impressed with how MGSV looks. I think it looks rather plain, with very little vegetation, crappy AF, bad geometry, and hardly any AO.

There are a lot better looking games out there.