What if the Nintendo NX isn't new hardware?

Jason Faulkner writes: "Nintendo has remained fairly mum regarding their NX project. Other than that it will be a "dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept," there hasn't been much comment from Nintendo. Sure there's been supposition involving patents that Nintendo has filed since the announcement, but nothing at all concrete."

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Rimgal1132d ago

"We believe that NX is instead a software platform that's designed to help them break into the mobile gaming market, their own version of Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store."

That would make a lot of people pissed.

XboxOneX1132d ago

Hopefully Nintendo do like Sega did and stop producing consoles and bring all there 1st party games to to PS4 and XBOX ONE. I think then EVERYONE would be happy.

ABizzel11132d ago

Nintendo fanboys wouldn't.

But at the same time I don't see Nintendo ever doing this. This can only happen through a joint venture IMO, if say Sony and Nintendo partnered together for gaming, or MS bought Nintendo. Neither of which are likely to happen.

Nintendo simply needs to be bought by Disney, and produce budget consoles, because technologically they're far behind, and that's because they're not a technology company. They're an entertainment company now. Disney doesn't have a technological muscle either, but they have 10x the income as Nintendo and can help them reach a much larger audience with exclusive / timed exclusive deals and promotions between Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Lucas Arts, Pixar, and much more.

Nekroo911132d ago

You're actually right, they can make more money that way because the player base increases.

And the fact is the only reason to buy a Nintendo console it's to play their exclusives, so instead of publishing a game on a 13 million market they can do it for 50.

Hoffmann1132d ago

I would buy Mario Kart or Smash Bros on Day 1 if they would release it for a Playstation console.

never4get1132d ago

NX could use the same hardware as the PS4. PS4 cpu, gpu, isn't exactly new...or maybe it is not? Since there's still no 8 core Jaguar CPU for PC.

k-dillinger1132d ago

but why would they need to do that Nintendo as a whole with systems and games are doing alot better than Microsoft so why not Xbox since it its the weaker brand of the 3 and their systems not doing as well as Nintendo systems (handhelds included) I think you have a better argument that Microsoft should go software that's a better idea if you ask me

Ck1x1132d ago

Nintendo has more money in the bank than Sony and profitable now. Why pull a Sega, Sega doesn't look that healthy! Sony and Microsoft should just let Apple and Samsung make consoles while putting their games on those platforms. Arguments that you pose go both ways in business and only the fan boys post such comments. It's even more insane when people say the PS4 & XbOne when we already know that Nintendo is working on their next hardware already. You guys can get a little creative and at least say PS4 and XbThree...

NukaCola1132d ago

I have thought that NX meant Nintendo Cross since they announced it. So Nintendo X Playstation for console titles and Nintendo X iOS for mobile gaming, etc..

I hope if they become a software company that they don't screw the fans or badtardise their IPs.

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1132d ago
3-4-51132d ago

NX is the thing that binds the Handheld + Console.

They aren't giving being the leader in the dedicated handheld market.

No smart person or company gives up leading any market on earth.

* So there Will be a dedicated handheld.

They also claimed already that it won't be iphone based or anything like that.

NX allows games to be played on Handheld + console and keep them connected to each other.

ios/phone games will be made by Nintendo.

They already stated they have some in the works, but those games are being developed with the help of other developers.

* Remember when it was announced Nintendo wanted to partner with other companies.....this is it.

They are doing so to include those types of games, without having to sacrifice their current dev teams and allow those teams to make games for NX handheld & console.

When you connect all the dots things start to add up a bit more clearly.

The problem is these "journalist sites".....glorified facebook rants/ end up cherry picking whatever piece of info fits their agenda.

They don't want to show you all the pieces of the puzzle, as you would figure it out.

When you have something figured out, you can't be tricked.

When you can't be tricked you can't be manipulated by lies, and therefore will request truth, and only value and listen to that.

* There will be 100+ articles written about what it might be, but most of these sites won't group all the facts together to try and figure it out.

Figuring out the truth = they have less to speculate about.

That is why I like sites like GameExplain where they actually try and connect the dots and figure stuff out to get as close to the truth as possible.

GrantPatterson1129d ago

There's nothing wrong with speculation. Hell, there's entire markets based around nothing but predictions and educated guesses.

And really, there's no "figuring out the truth" when the company itself isn't saying anything. Unless there's a factual leak, all people can do is speculate.

Look at Pokemon GO and tell me that they're not about to make a significant push into the mobile space.

GrantPatterson1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Also, here's a piece from Gamespot today:
"Elsewhere in the interview, Kimishima indicated he had no intention to alter the course Iwata placed the company on, and will continue Nintendo's efforts to enter the mobile market."

Looks like that speculation might not be that far off the mark, according to the breadcrumb trail.

hduce1132d ago

Didn't Reggie refer to the NX as a console?

BenRage31131d ago

The article's argument is partially built upon a false premise.

"The last time Nintendo supported three current-gen systems was during the days of the Virtual Boy..."

^untrue, and wildly uninformed.

Remember Nintendo's 3 pillars? When DS was announced it was a 3rd system--Gamecube, Gameboy Advance. Obviously it ended up replacing the GBA, but Nintendo didn't know for sure how the DS would be received.

I look at NX as the exact same thing. New hardware that may or may not replace one of Nintendo's existing systems and/or could possibly live alongside them depending on how it is received by the public.

GrantPatterson1129d ago

It was a third pillar to supplant the second pillar currently in place. Nintendo has no desire to support three console system ecosystems on a full time basis, handheld or otherwise.

GrantPatterson1129d ago

Depends on how it's accomplished, really. If it's a mobile storefront that finally brings one-account functionality to Virtual Console games across handheld, console and mobile platforms, then it could be a gamechanger of the highest order.

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TheColbertinator1132d ago

Maybe the NX is a state of mind,a complex thought or a futuristic vision like 4D gaming.

Steptoe1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Stop living in the past
be alive and do think forward too
i so love nintendo games.

Fin_The_Human1132d ago

Maybe its some kind of new pizza.

gamingpro1132d ago

Lol bubble up for funny comment

Spikeantestor1132d ago

Well, it would probably upset people who sold thier Wii U, hedging bets that Zalda would be moved to the new system.

PlatinumGX1132d ago

That would be really funny.

1132d ago
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