'Until Dawn': Why PS4's Horror May Top 'Fallout 4,' 'Metal Gear Solid V' As 2015's Best Game

PS4 exclusive "Until Dawn" has previously been described as the sleeper hit of the summer, but it might also be the best game of 2015. While expansive open world contenders like "Metal Gear Solid V" and "Fallout 4" loom large, here's why Supermassive Games' horror experiment is just as impressive.

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Community2152d ago
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gijsbrecht2152d ago

I also love it. I' m currently playing UD and have lost some of my favorite characters. After the game is finished ,I will certainly start a second playthrough and try to save them. Great game and so beautiful.

Jdoki2152d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

I just started my second playthrough.

I'm intentionally making different choices to see who survives this time. I'm already seeing a few different things happen.

Really enjoying this game. I hope we see Supermassive make another in this genre / style.

XboxOneX2151d ago

I wish it had a feature like Life is STRANGE where u could go back and change ur choice. It would be cool if this option was unlocked after u complete the whole story or something.


I am about 3/4 of the way through the game and a lot of my characters have died already due to making the wrong choices lol

jb2272151d ago


You can go back and replay from any chapter. I made some choices that got 2 or 3 characters killed in the last chapter but I was able to start back from the beginning of that chapter after I'd finished the game & I was able to save 2 of I couldn't save because I hadn't done my due diligence in searching for collectibles through the full campaign. I'm going to sit it down for a while & come back and try to 100% it during Halloween.

Gazondaily2151d ago

How is this game going to top MGS, Witcher, Fallout and others??

Have people lost it or am I missing something?

miyamoto2151d ago

One popular Let's Player in YouTube, Markiplier was at 90% of the game but he lost two characters. Surprisingly he decided to stop his play through and replay the game from scratch so he can save the two. This is how immersive this game is. It will teach us people how to care for other people's lives.

In this game you can play as a good god or an evil god.
It will really make you question your real life personality and morality.
No other game does that this good.

I can understand how the scores are trending towards 9 and above long after the troll review scores from IGN and Polygon has come and gone.
The gamers just can't accept those scores from crony sites and they have to see it for themselves what this game is really made of.

remixx1162151d ago

@septic people have different opinions dude , not everyone gets caught up in AAA hype.

Though I can't wait for fallout 4.

BitbyDeath2151d ago

@Septic, MGS, Fallout and Witcher are all great games but Until Dawn is fresher, the genre has never been done like this before which makes it a sure standout.

It is my GOTY so far but I don't expect it to be for everyone.

Spotie2151d ago

It's called an opinion, Septic. You know, that thing you constantly say of yours that trumps everyone else's?

The same reason I'm looking forward to Persona over everything else on all platforms. The same reason some people have made up their minds that Halo will be GOTY months before playing it.


Currently, popular opinion is that Until Dawn is a superb game, and this article voices the not so unique opinion that Until Dawn is guilty l GOTY material.

Is that a little hard for you?

donthate2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

If you are talking about opinion, the game barely charted on NPD, and is a major exclusive in a month that PS4 had no other real games competing with it.

It had was poorly received by the media, so I don't see how this is a contender for best game all of a sudden?

MGS have received major praise, and surely sold more on one platform in one day than Until Dawn has done lifetime so far.

Sorry, this is just n4g circle jerk typical circle jerk for their biased Sony fanboy readers.

nosferatuzodd2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Until dawn is spectacular no doubt about that but this year is extremely tough
I mean think about it you have. Blood born,metal gear, witcher,fallout,star wars battlefront, halo guardion, tumbraider, this has to be the crazyest year ever for gaming lots of top tear triple A games out already or coming out soon in the coming months

_-EDMIX-_2151d ago

@Sep- "How is this game going to top MGS, Witcher, Fallout and others??

Have people lost it or am I missing something?"

I take it you didn't play it then. The game is a breath of fresh air, hate to keep saying that but it really is.

Though we got games like this last gen, never with this much amazing presentation and execution. It works, it has a great story and its pretty much flawless. I had this same feeling playing The Walking Dead, I make a choice and I simply LIVE WITH IT! I LOOOOOOOVE IT! Most games just give you BS paths and they don't change much, example Mass Effect.

My choices in Mass Effect 1 didn't really even changed much, in Walking Dead...folks died lol In Until Dawn...folks died. I did something, I was save, not going back, thats life. They just did so many things right. Its not getting praise for no reason Sep. Clearly it did something correct for folks to be praising it as they are currently.

Its a new IP, by a small team...

The Order was a new IP by a small team. BOTH games in a first play through are around 7 or 9 hours.

Clearly people are making it very vocal that they like what Until Dawn is doing. No fluke.

Though folks love AAA (as do I) we are still gamers. Playing something new, different, fresh etc is very much what gamers want. Its rare a game states its like a movie and actually delivers......this game legit means it!

r2oB2151d ago

@ don't hate

No games competing with it? Are you dense? This game came out 8/25, less than a week before MGSV. How could you say this game released with no other real game competing with it. That comment alone just shows how uninformed you are.

I wasn't aware a rating of 80 was considered poor reception, especially for an extremely niche, unorthodox game (in the AAA area).

There is no circle jerk, there is legitimate reasoning why someone would consider until dawn GOTY material. It's for the same reason a game like Journey could win GOTY. A refreshing experience that sticks with the player in a way other games do not. Don't get me wrong Witcher and MGSV are great games, and I'm sure Fallout will be too. But this whole open world approach is getting a bit redundant. It's like the mentality that a game needs to be open world or bust. Some people like variety, it might be hard for someone like you to understand, as you may have been conditioned to like more of the same.

SniperControl2151d ago


"It had was poorly received by the media, so I don't see how this is a contender for best game all of a sudden"

It was poorly received by the media? That's why it's currently sat at 80% on metacritic?


Once again, others gamers are allowed to have an opinion other than yours.

slasaru012151d ago

It shouldn't be full price though. Kinda stupid compared to MGSV and other games level of detail.

BitbyDeath2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

@donthate, it is actually reviewing very well as others mentioned above, not only that but it is also being reviewed A LOT.

Currently at 219 reviews hitting N4G.

Now compare that to MGSV which has been reviewed 117 times

Or even Gears Ultimate which has been reviewed 113 times.

Until Dawn has been reviewed over 100 times more than each of those titles.

Until Dawn was also the top trending game on Youtube in August, beating out COD Black Ops 3.

It is taking everyone by storm.

b3ast2151d ago

First play through i survived with 3 chars 2 of my fav chars survived :D, second play through all survived.

2151d ago
r2oB2151d ago

@ tiqila

He said the game has been reviewed over 100 times MORE than the other games, which indicates the total would be the sum of the two values (i.e. game A has been reviewed 117 times and Until dawn has been reviewed 100 more times).

Had he said the game has over 100 times the reviews as the other games, or the game has been reviewed 100 times as much as the other games, that would indicate the two values are multiplied by each other.

Basically your comment is a failure.

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ifistbrowni2151d ago

I love the game too, but I don't see it getting GOTY... Simply because I found Bloodborne, Batman and Witcher all far more deserving of the title.

There were some good games this year... Even more great games to come.

jb2272151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

I definitely see what you're saying but ultimately GOTY is completely subjective. Out of the games you listed, which are all sure to end up on a lot of personal lists, I've only played Arkham Knight & it was a great game, fun gameplay tight mechanics. A true technological achievement & definitely more commendable in its technical ability than a game like Until Dawn, but for now Until Dawn was just a bit more memorable for me.

I've gotten to the point where my own personal GOTY doesn't need to be the biggest or the deepest or the best looking or the most difficult or the longest, and none of these things are actually a factor for me at all, it's all about how memorable my experience was with the game. At the end of the year if I can still remember the way that Until Dawn made me felt more than Arkham Knight, that'll be my GOTY. Makes it pretty easy really, if not dead simple, you just trust your gut...the first game that comes to mind w/o any thought is your'll be the one you'll most likely remember years down the line, the best experiences are the ones that get stored inside your soul for whatever unknown combination of subconscious reasons. The Witcher may be the largest & Bloodborne may be the truest challenge, but if the game that stuck in your head & heart the most was Rocket League, then that's your game of the year. Journalists may take into account the technical aspects of games, but as gamers I think it's important that we only take into account the way a game made us feel personally because at the end of the day that's the most important thing for any artistic medium.

miyamoto2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Telltale's Walking Dead game has won numerous GOTY awards.

"The Walking Dead has received critical acclaim, with reviewers giving praise for the harsh emotional tone, the characters, story and the resemblance to the original comic book, although criticizing the graphical glitches. The game received over 80 Game of the Year awards and many other awards."

And the scary thing is that Until Dawn is a better game.

A new blockbuster franchise is born.

If Sony wants to expand the PS4 install base to the casual gamer then it should make more games like Until Dawn.

Justjoined1232151d ago

I wouldnt make a direct comparison between the two, both have choices and are story driven, but thats about it.

And IMO telltale games have way better scripts, theres so much awkward and cringeworthy dialogue in Until Dawn its (highly) distracting at times.

SniperControl2151d ago


Man, Untill Dawn went right over your head didn't it, it's supposed to have awkward and cringworthty moments, it's based on teen slasher movies from the late 90's and early 2000's, films like The Faculty, Final Destination and I Know what you did last summer, all full of awkward and cringworthty moments.

Haru2151d ago

I like this game a lot too, It's actually my favorite game of this year so far, I personally enjoyed it more than I enjoyed MGS5 not that MGS5 is bad it's actually amazing but It's a different kind of game and I enjoyed playing until dawn with my gf way more :)

_-EDMIX-_2151d ago

I love the game too, but I don't know if I could say it would top MGSV or Fallout 4. Its easily my top 5 favorite games thus far this gen though.

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MasterCornholio2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I'm glad that alot of people really enjoy the game.

Good work supermassive.

bluegoblin2152d ago

I don't doubt it's a good game. Might actually get it later. But better than metal gear and fall out? 😂😂😂

yarbie10002152d ago

It's a good rental. Got it for $3 at redbox and beat it in 7hrs. The rest of your statement is spot on lol

AquarianKing2151d ago

What ending did you get since it has multiple endings

yarbie10002151d ago

@AquarianKing I lost Jessica early on in the mines

Made it to the cabin at the end with everyone else alive, but I went for the light switch too early and ended up killing Michael and Emily.

Made it out with Sam, Chris, Ashley and Joshua

bluegoblin2150d ago

Well you just gave me a bright idea!! Haha thank you!

DeletedAcc2151d ago

come back when you played it. jezz

Lon3wolf2151d ago

Same could be said about Fallout 4, the author of this has not played that.

G20WLY2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

^That'll be why the author says 'may' top it, not 'does' top you see? ;^)

Chevalier2151d ago

You haven't played it so how do you know? Also Fallout 4 isn't out yet,but, you'll give it a pass and assume without playing either?

bluegoblin2150d ago

You see certain developers and certain games have earned such trust in them. Yes I believe Bethesda and Kojima productions make better games than supper massive games.

Again if you read my comment I'm not putting the game down. It certainly caught my eye and I bet it's goo but let's be realistic here it is highly likely that it won't be as good.

Also looking forward to uncharted 4 and the last guardian more than until dawn...oh did I upset anyone? ✌

chrisx2152d ago

Supermassive did a great job with until dawn.its an instant classic

Steptoe2152d ago

It's good to see something different. It took balls for the devs to make a game like this in these times. Loads of respect to them.