1 year of Xbox Live Gold account for £18.99

Dealspwn: A year of Xbox Live Gold membership for £18.99? That's insanely cheap and would go very nicely with a cheap Xbox One console. That's £1.58 a month!

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Mr Pumblechook1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Price drop is a necessary reaction to the UK market by Microsoft to the fall in 360 owners LIVE subscriptions who have migrated to PS4.

This is a huge benefit to gamers who can get a yearly sub for half the price of PS Plus.

rockwhynot1131d ago

Sounds too good to be true. Is it a scam?

Yodagamer1131d ago

Nope it worked for me. A year for $30 i can't complain at all!

SniperControl1131d ago

Got mine the other day, works perfectly.

superchiller1131d ago

Yes, is a very shady website, which obtains its keys through shady sources. Please do not patronize this website, you're just supporting criminals.

TheSaint1130d ago

It does, but it's not a scam. CDKeys is a reputable site.

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WizzroSupreme1131d ago

Sorry I just renewed for full-price just a week ago.

superchiller1131d ago

CDKeys is a very shady site people, stay far away from it. Not a reputable site at all.

Remember this: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. People don't know where this site gets its keys from, which should be a huge red flag. Just avoid it and deal with more reputable sites.

CoLD FiRE1131d ago

Do you have any proof?

I have dealt with CDKeys before and they seemed fine. Never had a problem with them.

iistuii1130d ago

Never had a problem. Bought many PC titles & XBL from them in the past.

bggriffiths1130d ago

We've used them for years at Never had any complaints from our readers. Where is your evidence?

superchiller1130d ago

bggriffiths, do you ever ask yourself HOW cdkeys can sell these digital keys so cheap? How they can sell keys for brand new games at 50% or more discount? Or do you just assume it must be legit, because your purchases have worked in the past? Do you think that they make a profit just from volume sales and "low overhead"?

No, they buy keys from cheap regions (like Russia), and resell in other regions, giving developers/publishers of the games a much lower return on the games. Some keys on this and other shady key sites are also bought using stolen credit cards, and have been revoked later.

Here's a good quote about how they operate:

"For the most part its legit. Most are these keys are purchased in bulk in other areas of the world where games are cheaper ( Russia) and resold. Its frowned upon but its mostly legit. Problems only arise when the original purchasers end up using stolen credit cards to buy these keys in bulk and sell them or use them on these cd key sites.

"In other words they'll most likely work but there is a small chance you might buy a legit key that was bought with a stolen card and that key would be revoked if such a problem would arise. In some cases I guess a key that was considered stolen could potentially get your account flagged or banned."

You really shouldn't be promoting this garbage, especially if you care about game developers and publishers, or laundering of money fromantic stole CCs and other sources. Instead, how about recommending legit key sites like GOG or GMG? Those sites do not use shady practices, and are a more legitimate option to purchase digital products.

TheCatsMeow1130d ago

I picked one up. I'm gonna run out of Xbox live any day now and this was a great deal.