Bayonetta 2 price drops again (again)

DS: Just what is going on with Bayonetta 2? For months the price didn't budge, and now the price has gone down for the third time this week! Today's deal is the best price yet.

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sashimi1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Yes for the uk, should really add that to the title.

MSBAUSTX1131d ago

For one region only! It is still $55 or $60 bucks everywhere else. Hell most places want $50 used! Garbage. I want this game but have never been able to convince myself to pay that much for some reason. I will try to pick it up this holiday when someone does the buy two get one free deal again.

Dravidian1131d ago

It's a really good game and worth the price imo. Expecially since it comes with Bayonetta least in the States. I'm not sure if the UK has that deal.

LonDonE1131d ago

In uk and i bought bayonetta 2 launch day which i can confirm was the bayonetta 1 and 2 bundle!
still own it now and will never sell/trade mwah hah hah haaa take that cex (used game store)

In fact wiiu games and nintendo games hold there value, so these stores offer more cash to sell but i collect all my games sadly for them.

Shnazzyone1131d ago

It's 2 games, totally worth it.

DivineAssault 1131d ago

so sad people didnt get to enjoy this game because of nintendo turning their back on core 3rd party players.. This game is a must own title and probably the best game ive played on wii u action wise.. I love nintendos 1st party so its a win win for me but even if you dont, i would buy a wii u anyway just because of its virtual console and this game

SatanicEyeJesus1131d ago

A waste of a great game that should be released on all plats...

M3TR01DFANBOY1131d ago

Blame other third party companies for turning the project down.

_-EDMIX-_1131d ago

Not really, its not their job to fund folks games. Bayonetta 1 did good enough to warrant a sequel. Consider it did better in sales then lets say an InFamous game and that game is only on 1 platform and does slightly over 1 million an entry withe exception of the 3rd InFamous game Second Son.

They very much could have still made 2 on all platforms and been fine, but clearly that Nintendo money is also nice lol

In due time it will likely be ported to current gen PS4 and XONE as Nintendo doesn't own the IP ,Sega does, with Sega.....that is a huge "might" too.

wonderfulmonkeyman1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

@ Ed
You've got so many things wrong that I don't even know where to start...

They went to the other big names, and the other big names said no.

Nintendo's the only one that felt it was worthwhile, while the others didn't see the value in continuing it due to the sales of the first game.

And you're wrong about it being ported: Nintendo owns exclusivity rights to Bay 2 because they paid for every last cent of its development.
Kamiya HIMSELF has said MULTIPLE TIMES that the game won't go anywhere without Nintendo's approval.

It will never see a port outside the Wii U, that's just how it is.

wonderfulmonkeyman1131d ago

Spoken like a true console war soldier.
If you actually care about it, you won't give a damn about what console it's on.

Ck1x1131d ago

Are people still crying about this? Wow...

Nerdmaster1131d ago

Wii U owners who still don't have this game should be ashamed of themselves.

Activemessiah1131d ago

BrokenGameZHD bought the game and he doesn't even have a Wii U (gave it away as a prize)but his point was that most of Wii U owners won't buy it because it's not Mario... and they proved him right.

Ck1x1131d ago

I don't think thats fair because splatoon isn't Mario but it's selling well. I just think Nintendo didn't push it hard enough, but considering the install base it still has a high attached rate.

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