Top 5 game sales per system worldwide in week 31 on Amazon

What are the best-selling games in America, Japan, and Europe this week according to Amazon? Soul Calibur IV debuts on top of the Xbox 360 and PS3 charts. Mario Kart Wii finishes first on the Wii chart, and Call of Duty 4 returns on the PC's top spot.

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TheMART4324d ago

More important even:

How much did each game for the specific gameconsole sell?

But well its only Amazon. Actually this is more like PR/Commercial stuff then news. Only world wide total sales would be really interesting

silverchode4324d ago

i doubt this game sold much for either console, couple of the game stores i go to still have alot of copies.

Guitarded4324d ago

Are there any numbers that show the percentage of Amazon sales compared to overall game sales? I would imagine it to be fairly small. I suppose I could try Google. Nah.

Polluted4324d ago

Notice out of the top 5 wii games for all 3 regions only 3 aren't made by Nintendo?

cooke154324d ago

I tried posting these months ago when it was always Wii or DS titles at the top and they werent allowed to be posted. My how things have changed