2 for £20 Pop Vinyl Figures including Fallout, Marvel and more

Dealspwn: Don't need, but want, which is a sort of need, right? So now that we're agreed this is an acceptable to way to spend your money, let's dive in for some essential shelf ornaments in the form of these adorable Pop Vinyl figures. 2 for £20 is a great deal considering most outlets sell these for at least £15 separately.

Gaming highlights include plenty of Fallout appearances (vault dwellers, feral ghouls, deathclaws and super mutants) and a Mass Effect Shepard. There are plenty of pop culture characters too see including Marvel, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Vikings and tonnes more.

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1381159d ago

What? 2 for 20 pounds? I got all of the Fallout ones for $11 each.