Opinion: The Konami Conundrum

nami have had an interesting year thus far. Alongside announcing plans to focus on free-to-play mobile games, Hideo Kojima is reportedly leaving the company, they cancelled Silent Hills, and are allegedly utilising surveillance to keep an eye on employees. Despite undergoing a period of upheaval, their most recent financial report for the quarter ending June 2015 show increased revenue and profits attributed to investment in mobile gaming. But what does the future hold for a company seemingly hell-bent on turning their backs on the gaming experiences and fans which put them into the financial position they currently enjoy?

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uth111132d ago

From what I understand their work environment is not unusual for Japan.

They were losing money on console development, MGS V was probably very expensive for them. It is completely rational to shift focus to where you can make money and cut your losses under the circumstances. It's exactly what Sony did to turn themselves around.