Super Mario Maker New Trick Helps Players Unlock Everything In A Short Amount Of Time

GS:" Despite the changes in the Super Mario Maker unlock system, not all of the content is available from the beginning and several players are still getting content unlocked slowly. If you’re among those who wants all of the Super Mario Maker content available as soon as possible, you will be happy to know that a new trick shared online makes unlocking everything much faster than usual."

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lizard812881135d ago

Good. I noticed while making levels, I wanted to add things, but couldn't.

3-4-51135d ago

Does this person not know about the patch ?

You reported this as if you still must wait a day to unlock.

The patch is out.

What took a day, now takes about 15 minutes.

So it was 9 days.

9 x 15 minutes = 135 minutes

higgins781135d ago

The attention span of some people...