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Until Dawn is one of the best projects launched in the Sony PS4

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ninsigma1131d ago

Finally started this last night and finished it today. It's soooo good! The graphics are way better than I thought and the voice acting is just so good. It has a great story too. Well deserving of all these great scores!

AquarianKing1131d ago

It reminds me of Heavy Rain and Alan Wake the only difference is Alan wake is a shorter game.

NukaCola1131d ago

This game does so much right. My biggest pro that I loved was how well the menu system is. Most collection systems are useless or poorly done, but each detail is laid out in an organized and effective way, you feel like you are really investigating while you are living the experience.

Graphics, story, puzzles, QTEs, dialog, etc are all so perfectly done. Amazing pacing and camera angles balance out an awesome ride.

Plus, turn on your camera... your ps4 will capture you face and show you what a chicken this game turns you into.. Cheap Shots FTW!


My only negative and it's just me, but I wish that R1 wasn't the menu button just because I hit that instead of R2 by accident when shooting/throwing in a QTE under pressure.

AquarianKing1131d ago

"You feel like you are really investigating while you are living the experience." I totally agree with you on that. I loved the horror atmosphere and I praised the player decision making mechanic, which I felt dynamically changed the game's experience and story. I also praised the game's score, it was superb, the voice acting, the story, which was thought of as intriguing and exciting, and the visuals. The game play was simple yet effective and unique for this genre. David Cage should love this game.

miyamoto1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

In this game you can play as a good god or an evil god.
It will really make you question your real life personality and morality.
No other game does that this good.

I can understand how the scores are trending towards 9 and above long after the troll review scores from IGN and Polygon has come and gone.
The gamers just can't accept those scores from crony sites and they have to see it for themselves what this game is really made of.

ninsigma1131d ago

I don't think ign or polygon can be trusted for any review, not just this game.

combocaster1131d ago

This is the best slasher movie we get in years and it's not even a movie.
Anything lower than 8 for this game is just not fair.

Kurisu1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

This game exceeded my expectations in all the areas that you just said about!

ninsigma1131d ago

Yep me too. I wasn't expecting much from the story, just that the whole thing would be well executed but in fact the story was very well done with a great and hugely believable cast. I loved hayden in it, I thought she did really well (a long with the rest of the cast). I didn't find it particularly scary past a few jumps but still thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing! Couldn't get everyone to live though (r.I.p Josh and Jess!) XD

combocaster1131d ago

Peter Stormare made an amazing performance.

Kurisu1131d ago

I lost Jess, Josh, Matt and Ashley! I hope to change that on my next playthrough lol. Also I agree that the game isn't that scary, it has its moments but like you say it's mainly the jumpy bits that put you on edge for a bit. The game has such a great atmosphere though.

ninsigma1131d ago

Really didn't care about matt, nice guy but made no impact to me at all xD I really hoped Emily would die, damn she deserved to xD

combocaster1131d ago

I replayed the last chapter to save Sam and that led me to lose almost everyone xD

klass1130d ago

They are using a modified version of killzone shadow fall's engine.

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Travis37081131d ago

Still getting good reviews

LiViNgLeGaCY1131d ago

This game was one long, giant thrill ride, and I loved every second of it.

WizzroSupreme1131d ago

This game looks so awesomely silly and scary all at the same time.

MasterCornholio1131d ago

Im guessing he means that it looks silly because it looks like a campy cheesy b slasher flick.

Nothing wrong with that because the game is supposed to be that way which is one of the reasons why many love it.

I will buy this once i get back.

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