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In large part, I enjoyed Steins;Gate. Its first half is smartly told, its characters are genuinely likable, and I enjoyed learning about science in humorous ways. I just wish that the dating elements had been more smoothly incorporated into the established narrative and not forced (gruesomely at times) on the player. Sometimes, it’s enough to just be friends.

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FTLmaster1132d ago

Lowest review I've seen for Stein;s Gate still gonna check it out tho

nodim1132d ago

Oh boy, IGN strikes again.

donwel1132d ago

Can't spell ignorant without IGN.

Skate-AK1132d ago

Hmm. User reviews from the trophy hunting website I frequent have been much higher. They seem to love the game and say it is the best VN they have played. Since it is a trophy hunting website they have played almost every VN on Playstaion platforms.

stalepie1132d ago

It's been one of the most well-received games in recent months on /r/vita

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The story is too old to be commented.