Halo Community Update: Level Best

By B is for Bravo:
As we quickly approach the month of October, much Halo goodness lies ahead. In the coming weeks, we’ll detail new features, including ones you haven’t yet seen. We’ll talk about Halo 5: Guardians playlists and game modes, and much more. You’ll see more sneak peeks at the story of Halo 5, as well as things like the REQ System, Spartan customization, and much more. We know you’re anxiously awaiting these details and more, and they will come in due time. Before we move on, I wanted to extend a special thanks to those of you who have provided your overwhelming and tremendously helpful MCC playlist feedback on Waypoint, Twitter, and r/Halo – the playlist team is evaluating your input as they work towards their next update, which I’m looking forward to discussing in the near future.

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