Fultoning a Tank Squad in Metal Gear Solid 5


"Jon pressures Vince into using a Fulton device to extract a tank and it works just a little too well.

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Muadiib2146d ago

This guy had already reviewed the game and given it a 10/10 no less, needless to say I will never trust an ign review again, the game isn't awful but it's no masterpiece.

delicia2146d ago

I'd understand if the game felt too hard to understand for a first-timer, but as a MGS fan for over 16 years, I'd say this is an amazing game. It adds a lot to the story, and still has the best gameplay of the whole series. It just made me go back and revisit all the other games, now that I know a little bit more about what happened.

Nekroo912146d ago

It's not hard to understand, it just felt empty lacks substance. IF i was a reviewer i would give anything from 8.8/9.4 depending how much the negative affect the game.

I love the game, im waiting from the online aswell but im not a fan of the missions structure because it affects the pace of the story.

Muadiib2146d ago

Nah the game is quite easy to understand honestly, the story is almost non-existent and the gameplay is better than all other MGS games, which isn't saying much honestly as they were mostly cinematics and dialogue with very little clunky gameplay which improved a bit in MGS4.

To me it should be compressed down to a 40 hour game, I've played over 50 hours and I'm only halfway through (I played a bunch of sideops and explored a lot). The game just really drags after a while.

Again it's not awful and the stealth gameplay is fun for a while but let's just say it isn't holding my attention like other 80 hour games (namely Dark Souls).

I guess I just prefer DS' and Arkham Asylum's way of doing open world, something was lost when the Arkham series went fully open world.

MGSV would gain a lot from having the outposts and bigger bases being connected by linear paths with enemies littered along them, imo it gains nothing from the empty wasteland.

Motherbase being so big adds nothing to the game either, a more interactive but much smaller base/hub like Firelink shrine or the Nexus would've been a far richer experience.

For me this game is littered with missed opportunities, I still like the game and it was certainly worth the £26 I payed for it, but I suspect I would have buyers remorse if I payed the £45 Konami were asking for on Steam.

guyman2146d ago

Right, no one cares. Moving on.

SEGAKIDD2146d ago

can you fulton a story in this?

Klonoa-dreamtraveler2146d ago

wow the guy playing is terrible at this game its not a boss fight its just fultoning a tank.

Muadiib2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

And he had already finished the game and given it a 10/10!! This is the quality of ign almost across the board.

guyman2146d ago

So what if he gave it 10/10? the game is sitting on 95 on metacritic with plenty of reviewers giving it the same rating, you cant be this obsessed with the rating score..

BattleAxe2146d ago

The time I spent watching this poor excuse for gameplay....I will never get back.

scark922146d ago

I always fulton the tank squad.

Pintheshadows2145d ago

I used loads of decoys to confuse them the other day. Very fun.