The "new" source engine

Valve showed at Microsoft Gamefest what kind of special effects Left 4 Dead will use from the most recent source engine. Take a look at film effects and an optimized lighting system. PCGH has the screenshots.

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CViper4312d ago

what gives? None of that is impressive, or new for 2008.

mistertwoturbo4312d ago

Yeah the engine looks seriously outdated. But I've been watching videos of the gameplay and it looks like a lot of fun. It just reminds me of the counter-strike zombie mod, but as an actual game this time.

If the PS3 version runs smoothly, I might get that one. If not, then X360 version it is.

poindat4312d ago

It does look very 'meh'.

mikeslemonade4312d ago

I thought this was a joke, but wow this is really how the game looks. I like how when this game was exclusive there was way more hits not one day later it's multiplatform no one is interested in this game.

JsonHenry4312d ago

It is time for a new engine. This game looked out dated two years ago. The gameplay still looks fun. And the best part about being an "old" engine is that the consoles should be able to pull off at least some of the higher effects.

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Bigrhyno4312d ago

The Source Engine is definitely starting to show its age, but as long as the game is fun I don't care.

FantasyStar4312d ago

I'd give it "within the year".

TVC154312d ago

loads of people still play counter-strike

as long as the gameplay is fun graphics don't matter

and i could care less if PS3 owners got Left 4 Dead, they still get the game and Valve can still focus on the PC and 360 versions.

also i haven't really been following the game extremely closely but i hope there is offline co-op, that'd be awesome

Harry1904312d ago

They seriously need to make a new engine. Do it Valve,just do it.

TheIneffableBob4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

They don't.
The reason their games are so popular is because they run on a wide variety of hardware. Hell, Team Fortress 2 runs PERFECTLY on my cousin's old GeForce 4 Ti, and with TF2's art style, the game still looks good on low.

But Valve probably are making a new engine, though it's probably only in the conceptual stages at the moment.
They've been asked about a new engine before and I believe their response was something like "Eventually, but not now."

solar4312d ago

Bob wins the internets!

i think the Source Engine is great. yeah it doesnt look the best but it still is good graphics. game play > graphics. Valve will make a new engine for HL:3. mark my words.

Ghoul4312d ago

valve is allready making th ehalflife3 engine for about 3 years now, and you can bet your ass off that it once again will dominate all those wannabee engine out there.

personaly i couldnt care less if l4d looks outdated (wich it doesnt) the game is beautyfull you get tons of enemys at a insane rate of speed on screen, with great textures and lighting.

Shroomy4312d ago

Valve should scrap Source after HL2:EP3, so if they are going to do a new Half Life, they will have a brand new graphics engine that makes Crysis look like a PS1 game! :P

We can only hope! lol

GVON4312d ago

I was expecting to be blown away by it but I'm not, but gameplay is king and it looks good from that standpoint.

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The story is too old to be commented.