One Way or Another, Destiny is Still Relevant After a Year

Kat Bailey:

"There was a point where it seemed like Destiny was on its way to being remembered as a disappointment. When it launched, people complained about the grind, the general lack of content, and the often obtuse mechanics. A year later, though, it's arguably stronger than ever. How did this happen?"

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gamer11381222d ago

Only for the next few months until Fallout 4, Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront, Black Ops come out. The real test is if players come back after all those massive games.

SirBradders1221d ago

The difference is destiny is a game that is going to be supported for 10 years so you can always come back to it. All the other games you mentioned will be wholey forgeton in a year.

Man_Marmalade1221d ago

There are still people that religiously play Fallout 3 and Skyrim though.

thekhurg1221d ago

Just like Destiny was going to be overshadowed by all of the releases last year too?

It's not going anywhere at all. The community for this game is amazing and insanely supportive. Millions of gamers log in daily to enjoy Destiny content and they will continue to do so even after the releases of the games you mentioned.

Hoffmann1221d ago

"Millions of gamers log in daily to enjoy Destiny content"

Sorry but are there any official numbers / sources anywhere about how many people are playing Destiny on PSN and XBL on a day?

jhpadilla1221d ago

This was on May 7th, 2015:

The number has grown since then.

antz11041220d ago

For all the hate this game is amazingly popular a year after release, that's commendable.

S2Killinit1221d ago

Destiny has already lasted longer than most games do. I think it has already passed the test of time.

jhpadilla1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Well, it has already survived and grown in a whole year worth of awesome games that I still play sometimes too. But I still come back to Destiny.
Here's hoping the next years of new content and updates for Destiny are as good or better than then ones that have accumulated over this past year. So far, so good.

This fall and winter seasons promise great games (all those gamer1138 mentioned and more) and I do hope they're awesome because I plan on playing them.
But I won't mind a bit if Destiny happily co-exists with them as it has with all the other games from the past year too.

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Hoffmann1221d ago

Since I did not count this must be article number 50 this week about Destiny being still relevant after a year. Saw these kind of articles basically every day in the last week.

Grap1221d ago

talking about shoving it into our faces lol.

Aaroncls71221d ago

Relevant perhaps because it is a great example of a garbage game.

All those "expansions" aren't going to untarnished its awful, shit-stained rep.
At least for those that have a bit of self respect.

arbitor3651221d ago

You overestimate the critical thinking faculties of the general masses. Destiny presents and parades itself around like it is a good AAA game, but it isnt at all. It is shallow, repetitive and lazy. People with good taste figured this out a long time ago and moved on to bigger and better things. But a huge percent of the public doesnt realize there are vastly better games out there.

SabreMan1221d ago

What are these fabled games you keep talking about, I'm intrigued

SabreMan1221d ago

So much hate for a game you probably haven't spent any time with,

arbitor3651221d ago

Just about any open ended shooter out there is better than destiny. Games like Borderlands, fallout, farcry are prominent examples. They are made by people who actually understand the framework of an FPS/RPG. These are games that have fleshed out storylines and worlds, memorable characters, coherent economies, campaigns with pacing and plots, meaningful character progression, and far more content.

I bought destiny day one, beat it, and was pretty disappointed with it, like many people were. Despite all its hype, it was utterly amateurish compared to other games in the genre.

antz11041220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )


Literally all the games you mentioned only have the fact they are technically fps' in common, that's it. They're all great in their own right and so is Destiny, especially when it comes to socialization, gameplay, and character progression.

For a garbage game in the opinion of people like yourself and Colas I feel like it's been on the main page for the better part of the last year. Whether you deem it poor taste or not it's an exceedingly popular game.

Edit. Ugh, never mind, I just read your MGSV superiority comment below. I'm debating with a sheep:/

Aaroncls71219d ago

Garbage game for garbage players.

Nah, j/k. to each its own.
But seriously destiny is lame. Try something else!

remixx1161221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I love how you "superior gamers" insult and criticize those of us that actually still enjoy the game. Claiming we have no taste or self respect. You and arbotor sound fuqqing stupid. If someone likes a game that's their business, who are you to judge them for enjoying it.

I'll keep playing destiny along with smash bros, bloodborne, halo 5, fallout 4 and many other games.

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