NBA 2K16: Complete List of New Classic Teams Revealed

2K Sports finally revealed the full list of newly added classic teams for the upcoming NBA 2K16. The 2003-2004 Minnesota Timberwolves and the 2006-2007 Cleveland Cavaliers are the last two teams that made it to the cut.

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DefenderOfDoom22149d ago

Bring back 84 76ERS and Celtics .

81BX2149d ago

Or last years cavs... those guys were champions!

2pacalypsenow2149d ago

I don't know if the 12-13 heat are a classic team yet might as well add the 2013-2014 Spurs

iceman062149d ago

I agree. It's hard to be termed "classic" in a couple of years. LOL

LA_Zeo2149d ago

I wish you could use these teams online isn't that where most players spend the majority of their time?

nba2korg2149d ago

I think the reason why 2K won't do that is because they make a lot of money selling VC in MyTEAM. In that mode, classic players are really expensive and every one wants them. Gamers are almost forced to buy virtual currency in order to play good players. The MT points you can get in-game is never enough to buy decent ones.

I still don't get how 2K can get away with these micro-transactions.