Environmental Art at Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog posted a video about Environment Artists and their work at Naughty Dog aimed at those interested in getting a job with Naughty Dog.

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DarkOcelet1131d ago

Its incredible what those environmental artists do in games. The amount of work and passion that goes in something like that is amazing. Games are indeed art and Uncharted 4 will definitely be mindblowing.

Abriael1131d ago

Yep, environments are probably my favorite part of Naughty Dog games, even more than characters.

S2Killinit1131d ago

yeah they really know how to create that atmosphere don't they.

Bathyj1131d ago

@ S2Killinit

I laugh at the phantom disagrees. How can anyone honestly argue with your statement?

jb2271131d ago


Seems like everyone has at least a couples stalkers that disagree with everything you'll say, regardless of whether or not they actually agree or disagree. Must've really offended a couple people with my own personal opinions because I've got 2 myself, I could post "the sky is blue" & I'd get my standard 2 disagrees. Oh well, if people can't see the artistic achievement in NDs environmental work I feel bad for them because they either haven't actually played some amazing games or their allegiances won't allow them to enjoy some truly special artistry. Only in gaming...I'd feel bad for someone who loved the Beatles so much they couldn't enjoy the Stones, or for someone who loved Scorsese so much they couldn't enjoy Kubrick (shout to your profile pic)

chrisx1131d ago

uncharted 4 is gonna be crazy

parentsbasement1131d ago

I don't think "art" is a strong enough word , ive seen art , I aint that crazy about it....what they are doing I could stare at for hours...and will soon I guess....I hope those guys are well compensated for it...when I win the lottery , they will be (if they let me sit in on something)...

jb2271131d ago

Yeah no one else is touching them in the environmental realm. Pure variety, unique textures & locations, they really know how to make a setting come to life better than any other dev out there IMO.

Bathyj1131d ago

I wish Naughty Dog were my Dad.

Seems like a great place to work and grow a beard too.

DrumBeat1131d ago

The best developer in gaming, imo.

Aloy-Boyfriend1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I'll hold that title until they get their shit together in the multiplayer department. And I don't mean they make bad MP (I loved TLOU and Uncharted MPs). They just seem to follow bad trends easily like microtransactions, DLCs and such that always break the balance overtime of the multiplayer (U3 and TLOU are good examples of that).