Double Dragon: Reigniting the Dragon’s Dogma Franchise

Not every IP is a series, and not every series a franchise, but Dragon’s Dogma deserves to be both. With exception to Hidetaka Miyazaki Souls‘ work, Dragon’s Dogma is, in my mind, the principal exemplar of the genre – even eking Souls out in combat (but not overall) design. I want to see it spread its wings to other platforms and audiences not only because it deserves to be recognized and enjoyed my more people, but because I have the utmost confidence it’s too bright a spot on the RPG landscape to escape sights for much longer. If Capcom rakes back the coals, I think they’ll find them still aglow, pulsing; or, said differently, will find the iron still searing and malleable.

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yeahright22142d ago

I kinda wish this hadn't gone the mmo route as it was my favorite new ip back when it was released. I'm not that big on multiplayer, so keeping it a single player experience would have been awesome for me. But I get it, they have to go where the money is.

playtimewilltell2142d ago

Keep in mind that A) DDO is a separate game and B) other games in the genre, like Souls, are amazing single-player experiences even though they include optional online elements and multiplayer.

I don't think the next main DD is in trouble of becoming any less of a single player joy unless more emphasis is put on multiplayer than solo. I would hope Capcom wouldn't do that, but who knows.

yeahright22140d ago

For the most part your "B" is correct but the combat in dogma is rare. Now that I have climbed a Cyclops and knocked off a tusk only to stab it in its eye to bring it down, hacking away at ankles in other titles seems... lesser.