Failed Game Kickstarter Owes $54K Following First Crowdfunding Lawsuit

GamersNexus: "Kickstarter and crowdfunding offer a sense of great freedom, but we've all seen crowd-funded campaigns fall short or fail in the past few years. There's been little legal recourse as backers effectively giving money on good will; there is no partial ownership of the product or company."

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AnotherProGamer1158d ago

This is great, now less people will scam since there is legal recourse

CitizenFour1157d ago

Now there is legal precedent. Hopefully we see a trend. People need to be held accountable for this type of thing.

Xavior_Reigns1158d ago

So it begins... woo it'll b3 something if Star Citizen fails. I doubt it will but you never know.

MyDietEqualsGames1158d ago

From what I have played, it won't, it's way ambitious, though and atm brings even my GTX 980 TI classified ACX 2.0 on bended knee @ 2k. Looks great. I have my own reservations but as a backer, myself, i believe it will go 'gold' and be a perpetual WIP after that.. optimistically speaking, of course.

Soldierone1158d ago

Man you can sue and win anything these days....

Imagine back in the day when people approached investors, but their product/idea just couldn't be done and those investors turned and went "i'm suing you since you failed and I was stupid enough to invest in it...."

arkard1158d ago

That's different, Kickstarter your funding development of a game. The game never came out and backers never got tier rewards that they were promised. It's like if I ask you for money, promising you a car in 2 years. 2 years comes and goes and I say sorry I couldn't make the car for what you gave me. You would want your money (and rightfully so)

Featuring_Dante1157d ago

Should teach people not to throw their money around. I could make thousands of $ if i make a sob story on the internet.

Sirch1157d ago

It doesn't bother anyone that of the $54,851 levied by the state only $668 of that is for the people who backed the game? The rest of it is in legal fees and fines.

The only people who get paid are the lawyers.

Likely the case of someone who had no idea what the hell he was doing, had an idea that failed, and now he's financially ruined for the rest of his life over $668. Yeah, that's justice and a great story for you.

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