10 Things You May Not Know About The Original PlayStation

The PlayStation was almost made by Sega, and represented by a giant purple head? Some facts about Sony's first console.

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jreeves821132d ago

I actually knew all of these already.

freshslicepizza1132d ago

i didn't know about atari threatening them, or crash bandicoot dilemma, or the design logos. the rest i did and i also put the system upside down to play lol.

Jamaicangmr1132d ago

Then the article isn't for you besides the title said "May"

optimus1132d ago

Funny, that whole bit about plastic parts was very frustrating for me. Mine worked better standing it on it's side but alas even that eventually gave out as i had to hop on 2 trains across town to replace the lens about 3 times. By then i was fed up with sony's cheap ways of cutting corners. I could never trust them again and disregarded anything they made afterward which includes ps2,3,and of course regrets.

Steptoe1131d ago

Maybe your lense broke. It does happen. The rest is just personal gripes.

optimus1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

According to the tech that replaced them, he said he got a lot of customers bringing there's in with the same problem.
He said that those early playstations had a hard plastic lens which when dust would settle on it (easy with a pop up lid) it would embed itself on the hot lens once it cooled down causing the laser to not read it correctly and producing the skips and freezes...
personal gripes? I guess you can call it that since there wasn't a tech shop at every corner in my neighborhood for convenience sake. It's not like today where you can go just about anywhere under 10 miles to get something fixed when it's out of warranty. Or look up on the internet how to do it yourself. There was no youtube back then, or even google for that matter... Anyhow i wasn't planning on going through that again.