Mirror's Edge - PS3 lead platform, trophy & dlc plans

September OPM mag's special exclusive feature on Mirror's Edge

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Le-mo4551d ago

PS3 lead it begins. :)

Laexerias4551d ago

So... let the force be with you.

gaffyh4551d ago

No pudding posted this in the forum:

"EA have all their newer developments lead on PS3. Dead Space for exmaple.

Ubisoft too. Prince of Persia is PS3 lead."

Just wanted to ask if this is true? Cos I was under the impression that EA were porting everything from 360 to PS3.

callahan094551d ago

No, they're only porting Valve productions onto the PS3 because Valve are ignoramuses and refuse to program for the PS3 despite the fact that it would be more than lucrative for them to get off their lazy asses and learn some tricks with the hardware (there are more than enough developers out there who have gotten their heads around it and they share tools and information with PS3 developers who need it...)

NO_PUDding4551d ago

Gaffyh, it's true. I am nmot some crazed fanboy.

Well a tiny bit. But that doesn't stop fact from being fact.

Basically as I said in the openzone, all internal developments in EA and Ubisoft as of a certain date respective to the company, will be PS3 Lead.

For 360 owners, don't worry, developing on the PS3 will only iron out the problems they had with PS3, it will never damage the 360 version. It may even improve it.

CaptainHowdy4551d ago

EA now realizes that ps3 is its bread n butter...most of their sales come from ps3, might as well pay back with quality games

Jerkapotamus4551d ago

They demoed the game at E3 with a sixaxis in every interview I saw on every game site/tv show.It made me think they probably had PS3 as their lead platform.

ar4551d ago

The reason Valve doesn't develop for the PS3 is simply because they doesn't have the resources to develop for three platforms. In comparison to other companies Valve is a pretty small development studio.

jams_shop4551d ago

We have to Thank Criterion Games(Burnout: Paradise) for that. I believe they were the first developers who used the PS3 as their lead platform and they are part of EA games.

mistertwoturbo4551d ago

That's the thing, Leading on the PS3 will result in a better multiplatform game. Sure 360 fans will hate that they don't get to gloat "nyah nyah we get the superior version" or whatever. But at least this way, everybody gets a good game regardless of PS3/360.

I only wished GTAIV made the PS3 the lead platform instead, perhaps it would have ran much smoother and be equal to the 360. Oh well, let's move on.

NO_PUDding4551d ago

GTAIV was identical to me. PS3 had better framerates too.

Anyway, I don't care for GTAIV anymore.

@ar You you have no clue what you are talking about. They could easily get EA to pay for some extra people on the team. The point is Valve as a team are as potently ignorant as your average fanboy. Not to agree with the eprson above becuase calling them ignoramae is different, but they are just anti-Sony.

Cormack is only anti-Sony becuase he helped develop the Xbox. Gabe Newell has one reason alone, and that's becuase it's anti-social to developers. It is, but it creates a competetive market in the process, and if Gabe Newell can't appreciate that, then he can keep his games on the Source Engine for the 10 years for all I care.

Tomdc4551d ago

i dont like the look of this game personally.

gaffyh4551d ago

Ok, thanks for the replies. I remember a story from a whil ago when EA said something like they would start using PS3 as the lead platform, but I didn't think they had already started that plan.

ar4551d ago

First of there's no point in being rude.

Second, Gabe Newell said him self that they doesn't have the resources to handle three platforms. If you choose to believe in him or not is your decision.

Third, since EA doesn't own Valve (and therefore none of Valves IP:s) they are hardly attracted to the idea to finance a permanent PS3 development team at Valve. They can make the decision to port the game to PS3 if they want to (a decision they seam to be making already) but they can't just put some guys over at Valve as soon as they want a Valve title on the PS3. Even for an experienced developer it takes time to learn and adapt to a new system (believe me, I work as a software developer). Every company has different ways to work in and every game engine behaves differently. Therefor if EA want Valve to develop for the PS3 as well they would have to fund for an entire permanent PS3 department at Valve (a company they doesn't own).

BattleAxe4551d ago

Actually it has nothing ton do with any of those things, all it has to do with is Gabe Newell not liking Sony. He was a former employee of Microsoft and about a year ago he said " the PS3 is a waste of everyones time".

Simple as that.

uie4rhig4550d ago

i actually didn't notice any difference, not frame rate or graphics aside from the upscaler, i played on a friends 360 and my PS3 on his 50" TV and i noticed that the PS3's up scaling is a bit more accurate, which i find weird since the 360 version is hardware upscaled and aside from that it also runs on a higher resolution.. im not sure if i saw it wrong or that i am just plain crazy, but the upscaling of the PS3 looked better to my eyes

Bleucrunch4550d ago

I dont care what is in the lead I dont support EA so I will not be buying this crap of a game.

NMC20074550d ago

Game development for the PS3? I don't get this statement, I mean Burnout Paradise was the lead and nothing happened..... did it? I dunno, I didn't buy Burnout Revenge at all, was there some sort of lead platform advantage that I don't know about? Come on guise, let me in on the secrets! I wanna know the lead dev secrets!! come on! Please!! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECREEEEEEEE EETS!!!!



Bombibomb4550d ago

Man I can't wait for Mirror's Edge.

Silellak4550d ago

This is a good thing, for both consoles.

It's been said by developers time and time again that it's much easier to port from the PS3 to the 360 than the other way around.

Lmann4550d ago

It has to do with the fact that Valve has always been a PC developer, it's what they know, and are setup to do. 360 games can be developed pretty much the same way you would for the PC. On the other hand, Valve has stated that the PS3 was dumb and a waste of time. I suspect that Valve had a hard time getting their minds around the PS3 Cell, RSX architecture. It quite different from long standing PC development techniques. Anyhow, too bad for Valve. It only hurts them in the end. It would not hurt them to learn something new once every ten years.

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THC CELL4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

to be honest i am shocked

developed on xbox first would of been well u no the story hahh

and this is made by the burnout team ? lol i can see it now
100% better than xbox

CViper4551d ago

There has not been an instance of the PS3 as a lead, resulting in a lesser 360 port.

The 360 ported to the PS3 is where all the problems seem to occur. Multiplatforms have always been close to equal before this gen. Hopefully leading with the PS3 will get things back on track.

Harry1904551d ago

Criterion,studio which really loves Playstation consoles and handhelds.

Mirror's Edge = DICE.

NO_PUDding4551d ago

Criterion don't have any preference Harry.

But EA's internal devs have switched to lead platform on PS3. As have Ubisofts.

You guys didn't see that at E3?

user8586214551d ago

DICE have worked on the battlefield series

Pain4551d ago

What i like to see and hear.

No GIANT huge pile of crap holding it back now!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4550d ago

DICE did Battlefield BA and the PS3 version is sub-par to the 360, so that just shoots down your theory about DICE. Criterion did Burnout not DICE, get your facts right. You know a little click on Google or Yahoo can help with that.

IzKyD13314550d ago

how is it sub-par?
because you say so right? oh then it MUST be true!

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uie4rhig4550d ago

i could do that, and will later on ;) if others want the scans agree and ill post them here, otherwise disagree and ill just pm CViper with the scans

thereapersson4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

That is a magazine scan, but it's so far the best news we can get confirming this subject. Maybe scan more of the mag, like CViper says?

MrSwede4551d ago

Check the forum thread (Via link).

THC CELL4551d ago (Edited 4551d ago )

Great news

nice find paul_war