PSP Racer Makes It's Way To PS3.

Sony's PlayStation Network is up and running at full steam, and with it more and more games and demos are becoming available for download. PlayStation 3 owners have already been able to snag the likes of Blast Factor, Lemmings, Go! Sudoku and more from the PlayStation Store to quench their gaming hunger in-between the major in-store releases, and plenty more titles on their way.

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FKN Unbelievable4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Using the PSP as a Rearview? Sone Boy......i Tell you. The're Sorry. So wheres 7 if your bringing this one out?

DJ4327d ago

You actually wanted a rearview feature?

Apocalypse Shadow4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

and they are upgrading it for ps3.that can only be a good thing.and for only $10 bucks.that can only be a good thing.but this news will be trashed.

what?only one rabid fanboy?where are all the rest?

DJ4327d ago

That's a sweet deal, especially since it looks like they're putting a lot of effort into this downloadable title.

Bhai4326d ago

...'WAYS' better than any downloadable game on the 360. Tekken 5's arcade version, although not as pretty as the PS2 version, is another true treat for the PS3 owners having access to the broadband...and with this pretty little baby, a PS3 owner must be thinking of approaching heavens !!!

Scrumptious4326d ago

you don't play much xbox arcade.

Let's see, Sony does another half-assed rip-off, and the Fanboys go nutz!!!

Are you guys so brainwashed that you think Sony can compete in online? I guess it's nice to have dreams.

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