Why Pikmin 4 Matters

With the surprise announcement of Pikmin 4 nearly being completed, it's left the community divided with some supporting its existence, while others thinking it would be better if another franchise got a chance to shine. However, is it really all that bad?

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Locknuts2152d ago

Waste of resources IMO. If you're going to spend money making a niche product then just give us the Metroid game we all want.

Concertoine2152d ago

Those are two totally different studios making Metroid and Pikmin...

_-EDMIX-_2152d ago

Agreed lol. Why do folks think Nintendo is 1 big development team? lol OR any other publisher for that matter? I've read sooooo many "EA's games " or "Ubisoft's games" ignoring that lots of their comparisons are buy different teams in that publisher.

Locknuts2151d ago

But Miyamoto produced Metroid Prime and it's my favourite game of all time. I bet he's too heavily involved in Pikmin to produce another Metroid title. It doesn't matter which team is involved if there's a genius in charge of the project. Unfortunately his genius doesn't do anything to make Pikmin a better series though.

Geekman2151d ago

make Metroid Prime. The director was Mark Pacini, and Miyamoto was just one of the many producers.

Outside of his own projects, Miyamoto really just provides creative input. So when a Metroid game is in the works, he'll be sure to have some ideas for it, but those aren't projects he's entirely devoted to making.

jholden32492152d ago

Million sellers are still considered niche?

Neither Pikmin nor Metroid is niche. They're not mega blockbusters but certainly not niche.

And I want Pikmin 4 just as bad as I want Metroid. And you would too if you knew what was good!

Locknuts2152d ago

I don't care what you think is good. I want Metroid.

Compared to Mario and Zelda, they are niche.

Concertoine2151d ago

Yeah Miyamoto produced ONE Metroid game out of like 8. He is not the series producer, Sakamoto and Tanabe are.

Miyamoto only produced Prime 1 because he found the perfect studio to make it and no one else could see this but him. Unless he sees another opportunity like this, why bother soiling the series further with another uninspired game?

Big_Game_Hunters2152d ago

Because its a damn good series.

LOL_WUT2151d ago

Yet, has sold poorly not sure why it warrants another sequel. ;)

Big_Game_Hunters2151d ago

I can't imagine the pikmin games are that expensive to make. pLus i'm pretty sure Miyamoto gets to do whatever he wants.

Ck1x2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Here's an article on Miyamoto talking about how Pikmin could benefit from 4k resolutions.

Many people think that Miyamoto would steer the company into a more of the same direction, but his comments on wanting Nintendo to arrive in the HD Era much sooner than the WiiU kind of proves that he gets where Nintendo needs to be.