Disgaea 3: NIS readies three pre-order bundles for North America

QJ.NET writes "In case you've forgotten, we're reminding the readers that Disgaea 3 for the PlayStation 3 has been confirmed for an August 26 launch to North America. As a preparation for the release, NIS America has announced that three game packages are now available for pre-order at their RosenQueen store."

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cloudman4359d ago

Good we need more RPG

American RPG are morel ike action games and MMO like world of nerd craft!

LightningPS34359d ago

probably gonna pre order from ebgames today. 360 has kinda stole all the Japanese RPG's so far.

But I'm sure PS3 will get back into it.

DARKTRINITYxxx4359d ago

Jesus any one know if were getting it here in the UK ? fed up getting everythink weeks months later or not atall.

Wildarmsjecht4359d ago

The game is already gonna be retailed 10 dollars cheaper at 50 bucks, and now they give this? Oh're too kind.