7 Reasons Why You Need Until Dawn in Your Life

Let us remember games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and LA Noire. Now, let us scoff and raise our noses up, for Until Dawn trumps them all.

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miyamoto1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Finally a game that respects the intelligence of the gamer.

A breathe of fresh air from the over used mindless military shooters and hack a slash dark ages macho man fantasy games.

This game will make you question your morality and what kind of person you are.

There is no other game like this one.
So immersive.
It will play with your mind and challenge your decision making skills.

A perfect game that changed my life and the way I will deal with other people. This game taught me a lot.

The interactive concept was married perfectly with the branching narrative of the Butterfly Effect System, the survival horror genre was married perfectly with the dreadful anticipation of the teen slasher movie sub genre (although they were smart enough to make adult characters and not teens).

This game has succeeded where David Cage failed.

Also it has put the DualShock 4 features to good use that makes sense.

This game has elevated Supermassive Games up there with Naughty Dog when comes to story telling and innovation.

This game is so grounded but up there with the best game ideas ever made.

miyamoto1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

I love how the PlayStation gives the PlayStation Nation great survival horror games each generation.

PS1 - Resident Evil, Silent Hill
PS2 - Siren, Fatal Frame
PS3- The Last of Us
PS4- Until Dawn

PS: The first time I saw Until Dawn on the PlayStation Experience public demo, I felt something special about it as Hayden Panettiere was running around in that magic towel. I knew the ideas put into the game were brilliant & production quality was very high.

This feeling I felt also with Horizon: Zero Dawn my most anticipated survival action game next year.

_-EDMIX-_1133d ago

I agree its a great game, but David Cage's work is still good, I personally like both. I don't think Supermassive is near Naughty Dog as the controls of Until Dawn are kinda bad, but still ok enough to get through the game.

Over time they can be just as good as that team, I want to see more Until Dawn's!

miyamoto1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

"when comes to storytelling and innovation."

In that aspect is what I said because in many other technical aspects ND is far superior like animation, no uncanny valleys, lighting, art direction, level design etc.

Supermassive has created one of the most unique and clever games in a long while.

The thing with Until Dawn compared to David Cage's games was the great RECEPTION by hardcore gamers and especially and surprisingly the casual gamers.

The inclusion of the teen-slasher, gorgeous character designs and the Butterfly Effect Moral Decision Making System has totally blown away and opened the doors of console gaming for casual gamers' Easy Access to the PS4.
Until dawn has "Bridged the Huge Gap" between the casual gamers and console gaming. Supermassive has perfected the entire package by choosing the right elements.

As for the adult demographic of console gaming they praise the game for its clever and intelligent creation.

Ironically, this game is brimming with moral lessons gamers can apply to real life situations in a supposed to be mindless horrific and violent game.

So much praise for this game.

outsider16241133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Surprisingly good scores for the game.
What about replayability? is it worth to own one or rent?
I'm planning to get two games next month. PES16 and maybe this or something else.

miyamoto1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

It has very good replay value. 256 endings and possibilities.
Replay it and you will see how Supermassive has geniusly weaved the complex, detailed, intricate and clever story and decisions of the Butterfly Effect.
It's like understanding how a huge puzzle got itself together cleverly.

PS4 has given the Survival Horror genre a very good and unique kick in the butt with Until Dawn.

Der_Kommandant1133d ago

I really REALLY felt the same thing like the first time i played Resident Evil back in 1996, almost 20 years later i felt the same exact thing, a sense of unknown, fear, nervousness, a sense of fresh air, totally hooked from the first moment, care for the characters etc.

I can't recommend this game enough.

outsider16241133d ago

"the first time i played Resident Evil back in 1996, almost 20 years later i felt the same exact thing, a sense of unknown, fear, nervousness,..."

Whoa dude, i felt the exact same feeling. Even Res2. Man, If this game made u feel that, then it's worth to buy it.

Ashunderfire861133d ago

This game was the biggest surprise of the year! No one expect this game to be that good, but it exceeded expectations. I will keep this download on my PS4 and never delete it.

_-EDMIX-_1133d ago

I did lol, I think many who played Heavy Rain and other narrative based concepts knew what to sorta expect. I pre-ordered it and it was a day 1 for me as the concept sold me long, long ago.

I'm actually surprised at its reception.

gillri1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

I also expected it to be good, I had the game pre- ordered once I knew the release date as Im a huge fan of these types of games, a huge breath of fresh air Until Dawn was

SolidGear31133d ago

I'm about to platinum :3
It'll be my 8th platinum since trophies were introduced in August 2008

Der_Kommandant1133d ago

I wish i have the time to platinum all games, i've played a LOT of games but i only have 2 platinums, Walking Dead and Terminator Salvations lol

Just look at all the games i've played...

PSN: Der_Kommandant

hardcorehippiez1133d ago

im the same , level 16 and only one platinum on cod blackops i think lol. if i was to try start platinum all the games i have i would need to skip a generation or 2 of games and that isnt happening

SolidGear31132d ago

Technically this should be my 11th platinum. When I had a PS3 I was only one trophy off from having a platinum in Dead Space and Mass Effect 2. My next platinum will be The Order: 1886.

VsAssassin1133d ago

I hope this game sold well, because this would warrant us a new game from Supermassive! Does anyone know the sales data for this game yet?

SolidGear31132d ago

7th place in U.S. but it was only out for a week. I think #1 in France.

gillri1132d ago

Got 2nd in the UK charts just behind Gears oF War, and only dropped to 4th last week

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