PSW Preview: Call of Duty: World at War

This must have been a hard sell. You're dragged into an office and told you have to make a follow-up to Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the 10 million copy selling game of the year for 2008. You're told the franchise is going back to World War 2, that's a step back to the old inaccurate guns of WWII and a step away from the hi-tech accuracy and gimmicky Perk-laden goodness we all loved in COD4. You have 18 months to comply.

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PacoDG4323d ago

" The demo I sat down with began in the Pacific theatre, my introduction to World At War was watching a fellow US marine have his eye burned with a cigarette before the Japanese commander slit his throat. Outside other marines were being shot. Then a crack team of marines burst in, killed everyone untied my hands and threw me a gun."

The game is sound okay so far. After the huge disappointment knowing Treyarch is working on it, hopefully they will come through and make this a good game (trying to see the cup as half full here).

PwnShop4323d ago

COD4 had greaty and well crafted moments like the execution of the leader or the nuclear bomb, but i'm afraid that this game with the whole cigarette thing will just be adding violence for violence sake.