Apple's Steady Advance Into the Gaming World

The Apple TV isn't the video game console upstart many hoped it would be. Or is it? It could be that Apple is playing a little set-top box slight of hand.

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2148d ago
AizenSosuke2148d ago

Good luck and have fun Apple!

Ginpachi-sama2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Stfu about that shitty company omfg they will never succeed and stop giving them attention

Pandamobile2148d ago

I'm as anti-Apple as the next guy but "they will never succeed" doesn't really seem to apply to Apple.

Angeljuice2148d ago

As I'm the next guy I can confirm that he is indeed as anti-Apple as me (do we like them really or not?).

N0TaB0T2148d ago

It's not going to leave a dent in the console market no matter how you spin it.

mochachino2148d ago

So people going wild about features that have been on the competition 2-3 years earlier.

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