Fable Legends - Heroes of Albion: Flair

Find out about our Circus Archer turned Hero: Flair in the latest Heroes of Albion video.

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christocolus1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

This game looks really good and i'm liking this new character she looks more interesting than the others.

Bigpappy1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I like her a lot. Also like the guy with the sword. You can tell tis game has a rock solid framerate as beautiful as it is. These second year games love very impressive. They all ooze quality.

The teams is proving to be very imaginative. Reminds me of all those fairytale form my very young years.

christocolus1158d ago

Yeah i like the sword guy too. I think this game is using some form of DX12 and UE4, that might explain the rocksolid fps and gorgeous graphics.Looking forward to it.

NiteX1158d ago

I wonder if they will make a Fable 4 after this.

poppinslops1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

She's sort of like a snazzier version of the Fargarths from Sunset Overdrive... her repertoire should be great for 'hit and fade' type players.

Personally I'd prefer a more direct style of combat (the lady with the enourmous shield is more to my taste), but it's nice to see each 'class' (warriors, mages, archers etc) will have a few distinct characters to choose from... I'm pretty sure Flair is the third archer we've seen, so I expect we'll see some really diverse teams of heroes (which should keep things interesting for the villain players).

I really want to play it... does anyone know if the beta's still going?

81BX1158d ago

Fun game when everyone works as a team.