Pampered prisoners supplied with £221,726 of PlayStations

Prisoners across the country are being supplied with computer games consoles costing thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money.

The Prison Service has spent £221,726 on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo systems and software to keep jailed criminals entertained. Ministers have previously admitted spending only £10,000 on the machines.

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apoc6154793d ago

I bet the taxpayers love that,not.Thats stupid imo but im sure the prisoners like it.

JsonHenry4793d ago

I guess they get bored raping and shanking each other just like the rest of us!

Megatron084792d ago

Sh!t that dudes cell is like nicer them my room. I need to go out and stab someone so I can go to jail too. Should of done it before college tho so I could of got a free to degree out of it too repaying these loans are killing me.

sinncross4793d ago

yeah because treating prisoners, people who have committed a crime, is always the best way to make them repent.

TheColbertinator4793d ago

Hmmm? I wonder what the trolls are gonna say about this.Can't wait.

Poor Xbots4793d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, I bet the prisoners creates even more violence, when their fixme dvd player breaks on them.

Poor Xbots

Hentai4793d ago

You are the most annoying piece of poop ever. All you do is repeat your same Old gibberish none-sense that doesn't even make sense. Shut your sucking hole!

josh143994793d ago

prison is to teach people a lesson and hopefully stop them them commiting more crimes not giving them computer games and letting them have fun. if i had my way prison would be a place they get just enough food to survive no tv and no computer games.

people theses days think prison is cool (well chavs doin england). fuking hell i mite rob a bank or sumet for a free place to live and i can get tv and video games for free. prison doesnt sound bad anymore (it is still bad but not enuf)

TruthbeTold4792d ago must not have heard about "The Tossed salad man" that Chris Rock talked about. Prisons are absolutely horrible places. If giving them video games helps occupy them some of the time, give them a tiny bit of escape relief, and keep people from being raped and killed then so be it. That's how I feel anyway.

player9114792d ago

Won't we do like the chinese and make them work 12 hour days of free labor. That'll keep them busy and entertained. Everyone else has to work to support them... why not make them work so they can support themselves?

And if you want to avoid risking getting raped or murdered, how about you don't commit a crime to land you there.

TruthbeTold4792d ago

...upward to 3% of prisoners (at least in the U.S.) are innocent, but were convicted. The system is very imperfect, so if there is a chance that even one innocent person must endure prison, it is the responsibility of the rest of us to ensure that people are safe and treated humanely while in prison. Put yourself in the shoes of the wrongly accused, and see if you hold the same attitude.

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The story is too old to be commented.