Totally360: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Multiplayer hands-on preview

Red Faction's rich reputation as a PC and Console shooter that was way ahead of its time is assured. One of the first FPS games to truly embrace the idea of destructible environments, Red Faction 1 used a technology called "Geomodding" to present the player with various options on how to complete each level. A timely explosive charge attached to particular parts of the scenery or walls, or a more gung-ho approach, firing high powered weapons at anything looking vaguely crumbly would normally illicit the right result.

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Captain Tuttle4322d ago

I was fooling around with this today and it's pretty fun. I only played a couple of games but from what little I played I was pretty impressed. It's not as polished as COD4 but hopefully they can tighten it up before final release.