The Witcher 3 Vs. Metal Gear Solid V Which Has Taken The #1 Spot For GOTY 2015?

ThisGenGaming says "Looking at GOTY contenders a number of games spring to mind that also spread across multiple genres and for different platforms. Given their critical and commercial success very real possibilities for game of the year include The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. If we compare these games to each other we see that there are quite a few similarities between the two."

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DarkOcelet1136d ago

I think everyone has forgotten Bloodborne. That game is just as awesome as those two and should be a major contender.

I am just glad we got three masterpieces this year.

robtion1136d ago

I would easily go with Bloodborne over those two game.

My list for GOTY is:

1: Bloodborne

Runner ups in no specific order:
2: The Witcher 3
4: Until Dawn
5: Mad Max

AquarianKing1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I agree Bloodborne was a phenomenal game! Definitely a contender! I don't know about Mad Max though. It was very repetitive

WildArmed1135d ago

It's definitely a tough pick.

It's really a tough battle between BB and MGSV for me.

I still play BB in between my MGSV sessions

StrawberryDiesel4201136d ago

Bloodborne has the better art style and is the best game amongst the three. Fallout 4 is the only game that will be competition for GOTY with Bloodborne in my opinion.

Str8Chaos741135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Bloodborne is very static, the world just doesn't feel alive like the Witcher 3. Also the graphics are not very good compared to the Witcher or MGSV. They all have great gameplay though.

Name Last Name1136d ago

This is the hardest GOTY decision in many years, which is a good thing. Last year's winner (by most sites and magazines) Dragon Age:Inquisition, pales in comparison.

DarkOcelet1136d ago

Dragon Age was a good game but didnt deserve last year's GOTY.

wsoutlaw871136d ago

Bloodborne deserves a goty and would have easily won it in most other years. The souls games are probably my favorite games of all time and bloodborne was even better than expected. I think I might be leaning towards the witcher though. Bloodbornes pvp changes to invasions, ng+, and the bosses in the mid to late game being so easy disappointed me a little.

Heyxyz1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

We'll actually be getting Fallout...Four...masterpieces this year.

BTW I agree that DA:I was very underwhelming and didn't deserve GOTY.

UnHoly_One1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

There is no way Witcher would even be in the conversation for my GOTY. I thought it was boring and mediocre. It had a good story presentation to it but that was it. The combat was stale long before you reach the halfway point of the game. You learn almost no new moves as your character "advances" and basically you are fighting the same enemies using the same strategies at hour 150 as you were at hour 10. I didn't want to leave the game unfinished but I had to really struggle to finish it by the end, and I was ready to put it away and never play it again.

I haven't played MGSV because the nonsenical story of MGS 2 turned me off to that series forever.

What I really want to know is why is this article ONLY talking about these two games? I don't think either one of them even deserves to be in the conversation for this great year of games.

Dying Light was amazing, Mad Max is amazing.

I am not a fan of this type of game but everyone who is thought Bloodborne was amazing.

We still have Halo 5 and Fallout 4 incoming.

No way would I pick either of these games over ANY of the above.

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-Foxtrot1136d ago

I'm going to go with the Witcher 3 (if it's just out of those two).

Mostly because the map is barron in MGSV and has too many small nitpicks which they could have fixed to make the game better.

Least in Witcher 3 if you decide to walk there's usually a lot going on on the map.

_-EDMIX-_1136d ago

You guys know me as a HUGE MGS fan, I'll only state Witcher 3 based on its wide appeal and being current gen only vs MGS being cross gen.

Both are great games, but in terms current gen concepts, Witcher 3 is seamlessly open world vs MGSV where you go from Mother base to outer world often through load points vs 100% real time.

Though minor, both those games are amazing and its hard for me to really say as I'm just a HUGE MGS fanboy, I seriously LOVE MGSV right now!

Its just....EPIC, but in terms of honestly reviewing a game and stating what deserves what, I can see how Witcher 3 gets it, I would say personally its MGSV, but that is just for me personally, not sure how much me being a huge MGS fan actually plays into my amazing experience.

vanity291136d ago

Ill admit i like witcher's world more, but i hate the ballerina style of gameplay and roach. So if im being unbiased ill say MGS has better gameplay, witcher has better world. Making it tied for me and i cant wait to see which game of the 3 big ones so far win.

Vegamyster1136d ago

I found MGSV to be more repetitive then i was expecting, the main missions are mostly "Extract this prisoner", "Destroy these tanks/Walkers" ect, it would have also been nice if you could quick travel without the long wait via helicopter if you aren't in conflict and forced to watch the exact same cut scene whenever you deploy. By no means a bad game but i agree there was lots of tiny things that burned me out, The Witcher 3 it took me a little under 60 hours to finish the main story plus a bunch of side missions and i enjoyed every minute of it... Well maybe not Roach's constantly stopping for every pebble lol.

ArchangelMike1136d ago

So I decided to go back to the Witcher 3, just to see if it holds a candle to MGSV. Well I played through the Bloody Baron Mission again... and Yep, I hate to say it but I think the Witcher 3 just beat MGSV for me. The open world is much more alive, the characters believable, the mission choices, the music the lighting. The fact that Geralt has an opinion on what's going on around him, and he voices his opinions.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge MGSV fan, and love MGSV. I think it is the best in the series. But yeah... going back to Velen and Novigrad showed me why The Witcher 3 is still my GOTY so far.

-Foxtrot1136d ago

"The fact that Geralt has an opinion on what's going on around him, and he voices his opinions"

Hate the fact they've de-characterized Big Boss

Makes it pointless that they got Sutherland since it was apparently because they wanted someone more "believable" and "professional acting".

Only time I hear him speak the most is when he's on his horse.

impet251136d ago

Man I couldn't agree with you more. To me it's the biggest flaw the game has imo. David Halter was a much more enjoyable snake.

Bathyj1136d ago

Yeah Im with you there.

I was one of the people that defended the decision to dump Hayter because all nostalgia aside and the fact hes the voice of Snake, hes a terrible actor, but thats was fine then, the cheese and the corn and the ham (whose hungry?) worked on the other games but I thought they were going for a more believable, dramatic tone and Sutherland was a good choice.

But since Snake is virtually a mute and only has a few more lines than Gordan Freeman you wonder why they bothered with what was probably a substantial fee and also pissing off all the fans. Im still fine with his voice acting, it just seems underutilized and unnecessary for him to be there.

Plus after putting in 60 hours in a week and a half I really want to watch 24 again from the beginning.

x8001136d ago

The Witcher 3 for me.

DeletedAcc1136d ago

2. W3
3. BB
4. UD
so far

more games to come:
F4, SW BF, P5