DICE talks Fighter Squadron map design and progression in Star Wars Battlefront

EA and DICE are no strangers to the online shooter genre, and they are using their experience and expertise when it comes to creating Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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raggy-rocket1132d ago

This is a start for them. I think the next game will be much more refined and have more content (e.g galactic conquest, Space battles etc). I'm happy with this for now, though. The air battles look fun and the graphics look amazing. I do think multiplayer only games should be priced slightly lower, though. Can't wait.

JoeMcCallister1130d ago

I can agree with you there, I think the game still looks pretty good and my fears have, for the most part, been put aside by seeing the game in just the right amount of a slow drip- I wouldn't mind seeing this series ongoing as well, but would hate if it became an annual or even bi-annual series. I'd rather the next entry really takes its time and refines the experience and expands on it. Still very excited for this one though, we're in for an awesome year of games.