DICE reveals hopes for community’s reception of Star Wars Battlefront

The online gaming community plays a pivotal role when it comes to the success of online-focused games. If there is no active community, then there is no game.

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-Foxtrot2150d ago

Lets be honest, it could be lackluster or they could screw us over with future DLC/Cut content but it's Battlefield and people have been waiting so long for a new one they'll be blinded. So of course it's going to do well, whatever way it goes.

RuleNumber52150d ago

Can say the same thing for Fallout 4. So much blind-joy, it's absurd.

-Foxtrot2150d ago

Fallout is made by a developer though who has a solid track record. They also make amazing DLC and the publisher is nothing like EA in the slightest.

I don't think you can compare the two.

BattleAxe2149d ago

You could even say the same thing about Uncharted 4. The next Uncharted game will truly unveil Sony's direction with their games.

2149d ago
user99502792150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Gotta start justifying your cynicism nice and early, eh? Plausible deniability. Good stuff Fox, par for the course.

This is DICE building a fresh new-gen star wars shooter. The game will be received well because many people will enjoy it and it will be GREAT! period. Whether or not there is DLC.

Of course, the mere existence or mention of DLC is enough to turn some people into ravenous blathering ninnyhammers. I'm sure we will be loudly hearing their opinions on the matter for the next 2 years.

I am psyched. Still playing BF4 more than any other shooter 2 years later. Since the early day's of BF1942, my faith in DICE has been unwavering. They have never given me a reason to doubt their capabilities when building shooters, so I see no reason to doubt them now.

RuleNumber52150d ago

Sorry, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you apply that for one game, you must apply to another. The rule applies across the board. If it's a selective thing where it fits for some developers, not others, then that is called hypocrisy my friend.

-Foxtrot2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

The rule doesn't apply to everything though

Battlefront has EA behind it and also DICE which last fantastic well made game was Bad Company 2.

I think if people had to pick what game would be more of a let down, Bethesdas or EA people would pick the EA one.

TheStruggleIsReal2149d ago

@Foxtrot DICE's last fantastic game is BC2? really? BF3 was a great game, till this very day there are still players paying that game on PC. BF4 is very good game at its core and the technique feats they were able to achieve with it was ridiculous, but that came at a cost, which was the infamous game breaking netcode. (Which BTW, not only has been fixed, but improved on significantly, we talking close to CSGO netcode here) You insinuating that DICE doesn't have a solid track record is not only laughable but also shows your ignorance towards there game pedigree. DICE itself a top 5 triple A developer. Only down side is that their games are being published by EA.

_-EDMIX-_2149d ago

Never mind FOX, he legit bashes anything about this publisher, team and game.

Take a look, merely control F Fox.

Whats so the list of differences he is agreeing with...isn't even based on what is factually known about the game ie at this time so many modes and features have not even been announced you LMFAO! Yet...lets judge it based on early news...

Doesn't really matter how many times you give him facts, he'll merely keep making up junk and crying about features from older titles etc. Never mind him, his opinion on this game is legit nothing, he knows not of what he is talking about.

_-EDMIX-_2149d ago

"they could screw us over with future DLC/Cut content"

"it's Battlefield" nope.

What is "Battlefield" about it? From what I've seen with Battlefront, its not Battlefield. I've played the series for over 10 years and Star Wars Battlfront is very much not Battlefield. I've read and seen much gameplay of it, including friends of mine who have played it personally and have told me....its not Battlefield.

Mind you....your on every Battlefront article stating the same things with no real link or response to back up your claims.

DLC cut- Developers state no.

Its Battlefield- gamers who have played it who play Battlefield state no, the developer states no.

Sooooo no. It will do well because it being made by a great and well respected team.

Both DICE and Bethesda by the way are 2 of the best teams to do their respective genres. Both do DLC bud and as a BF player, the BF DLC is amazing..they can't be compared, not even the same genre..

-Foxtrot2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I would counter but your comment above where you've literally went off topic and posted my past comments show how immature you are so it would be pointless trying to discuss something with you. The whole point you've basically made is "OMG HE HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION THEN ME....LOOK AT THE FACTS"

So I'm not going to blindly be sucked into this by nostalgia. They are trying to make the game mainstream instead of catering to the fans who've waited for this game to come out for years, plus the obvious content they'll hold back for the Season pass.

Next time try and be mature about something

_-EDMIX-_2149d ago

@Fox- "plus the obvious content they'll hold back for the Season pass"

Link? I mean....any real proof of this oooooorrr just a assumption? You know...something that can be stated about an game with any post launch content ever?

-Foxtrot2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

OH PLEASE....don't be so naive

It's EA, the fact it's lacking stuff from previous games it's pretty obvious.

_-EDMIX-_2148d ago

@Fox- "OH PLEASE....don't be so naive

It's (insert publisher), the fact it's lacking stuff from previous games it's pretty obvious"

Sooo yes its an assumption then? DICE didn't make those last games and last I recall, the game has many of the same modes, even the flight mode your asking for is in the game in a different setting ie not in space.

So its missing space? Not the mode merely the setting thus must be cut for DLC even if they state otherwise?

Was GTAIV not missing many, many features from GTASA? Do you get games are not copy and paste jobs right? Just like GTASA to GTAIV, this BF is in a different engine. By default it won't just have all the same features, mind you, many of the same modes are still in this game. Supremacy mode is conquest, the SP is offline missions like BF1 and BF2.

So I'm sorry but your response can't just be "don't be so naive" as it to say your guess and assumption is beyond correct it needs no evidence merely your say so.

Again, could we not say the same thing for every game that has DLC ever?

Ie Smash 4 (stand back guys, MewTwo was NOT in Smash 4, but was in bro, held back for DLC for Smash 4)

Can be applied to way, way too many things with very little proof. That can be an excuse to hate any game really.

Smash 4 has DLC...cut content

Witcher 3 has DLC....cut content

MGSV will have DLC...cut content

Halo 5 will have DLC...cut content

Mario Kart 10..has dlc, cut content

Can be claimed about anything bud. Its pretty weak and baseless.

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3-4-52149d ago

Uhh it being Star Wars, is going to factor in a lot more than it being " Battlefield/front"

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solar2149d ago

they say
"If there is no active community, then there is no game"

then removes community features like mods and server browser

TheStruggleIsReal2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

hopefully its not too casual

LifeInNZ2149d ago

Fuelled by the success of the movie this game will do really well I'm guessing. Its why I'm also predicting PS4 will outsell X1 this Xmas as they have marketing deals for this and BOIII.

_-EDMIX-_2149d ago

Yet how many movie tie in games sold junk? How come Mad Max isn't doing huge numbers?

The game will do well because its backed by a solid team.

CBaoth2149d ago

perhaps because of two reasons; the game released long after the movie was in theaters, and two, despite the critical reception, the movie lost money globally. We don't know the quality of Episode 7, yet as evidenced by 1-3, Star Wars will be huge regardless. I believe that was Life's point.

_-EDMIX-_2149d ago

Fair enough, but I don't think its sales will all be due solely to the films release as many ,many films have game tie ins that are trash and don't get huge sales.

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