Amazon Selling the 8-bit Modern Super Mario Amiibo Without the Wii U Bundle

EB: Apparently Amiibo madness has started on Amazon already despite reports that the new wave of Amiibos would be on a timed release. Both the 8-bit Classic Super Mario Amiibo, as well as the 8-bit Modern Super Mario Amiibo are now on sale for inflated prices already.

What’s interesting about their releases is the fact that the Modern 8-bit Super Mario Amiibo was only supposed to be part of a Wii U Wal-Mart bundle in the US, but apparently a Japanese company is selling them individually on Amazon for $29.99.

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lizard812881185d ago

Not paying $30+ for it though.

DivineAssault 1185d ago

Its from a 3rd party seller.. I wouldnt mind paying the extra for shipping if its from japan but still on the fence about it..