Will Destiny: The Taken King Be Enough to Exorcise Its Flaws?

Destiny was once the shooter of the moment, but can next week's Destiny: The Taken King expansion reinstate that status?

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maybelovehate1131d ago

Just out of curiosity but what is the shooter of the moment right now?

JWiLL5521131d ago

It's without a doubt Destiny, based on popularity and player count.

Battlefield 4 is great though.

maybelovehate1131d ago

Still awesome for sure! But my friends list is usually all people playing either Destiny or Elder Scrolls haha.

poppinslops1131d ago

Titanfall is the best fps since Team Fortress 2.

maybelovehate1131d ago

I did enjoy Titanfall quite a bit but I enjoy Destiny a lot more. Too bad Titanfall didn't have more coop stuff.

ninsigma1131d ago

Well I hope so! Cannot wait for ttk! Having a blast in crucible again right now and I'm not usually much of an online player!

ZaWarudo1131d ago

All they need to do is implement matchmaking or some sort of in-game lfg system for raids.

sevilha821131d ago

from what i´ve been playing for the past 4 days,it seems to go in the right direction,it´s a more acessível game from the leveling point of view for example you can lvl up a weapon and armor in a matter of seconds just by consuming motes of light,the PvP is fun again thanks to the balence up date,and many other changes that whe are still to find,and all this without the new content,so i´m kepping my hopes just a little of a tad high,but only time wil tell...

Wedge191131d ago

Yes. Even 2.0 is enough to get me back.

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