DKS3713: New details from all trailers shown today

FFKH was present on both days of the DKS3713 Private Party 2008. This of course means that they had the chance to watch all trailers 2 times: yesterday and today. Hit the jump for new in-depth details from all the trailers shown during the event.

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cloudman4322d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Square -Enix just continues to disspoint and lie!!

Bunch of sell outs . Never knew this would happen to my favourite company!

Omega44321d ago

After reading that potato comic i can really see how hurt you must be.

But on the bright side you no a remake is going to come at sum point just not when they are busy with FFXIII and all the PSP games

B-Rein4321d ago

once i thought this was the best company in the gaming indrustry buying ther games, i have more games made by SE then any other company all my game son ps2 and ps1 were made by SE, now they seem to be leaning agains M$ more ratrher then sony

How cud this happen!!!!

cloudman4321d ago

B-rein i am in the same situaion as you

but what i did was i sold all of My Square-Enix games. For quite a lot enough to buy a PS3

I wotn buyu an xbox becuae i dotn like the communtity associated with it!

B-Rein4321d ago

urr not the only 1 i seen many SE fans sellin all their SE games on ebay and in public

but i jus cant bare to sell em, all the time i put in to get them etc :(

La Chance4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

you guys have exactly the same writing style...

on topic : I cant wait for FF13 but its sooo faaar away I just prefer concentrating on other jrpgs for the moment.I already know the trailer by heart , so hope Square at least give something for us to chew on.Hope those new trailers get leaked on youtube or something.

B-Rein4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

well i still do wanna get FFXIII, I cant wait, its just that i feel a bit let down by square enix thats all

well lets jus hope this game dus'nt get delayed cus of M$

meepmoopmeep4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

how is Square letting you down by making XIII multi-plat?

you guys are STILL getting FFXIII and then you have Versus! and whatever games in the future.

i'm like you guys and i have more Square games than any other company but c'mon, cloudman, wtf? selling it all? it's not like Square loses when you ebay your stuff. the only person you hurt is yourself. going multi suddenly made all their great games crap? wtf?

sumfood4u4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Square/Enix or better yet Square Soft is my Number 1 Favorite Company in the World! Gotta say this $hit Pisses me off to no Extent! making us wait for a XBOX360 version when our PS3 version is complete! Im so pissed of at this Bogusness! S/E you gave us Final Fantasy & we gave U dedicated buyers, so WTF happened? It's kewl that M$ is getting a version i don't hate on that just pissed we gotta wait yet another year cause they havent even started on M$ version an our is done! that like dropping a Precious jem from a heilcopter some where in Alaska! an waiting on some lucky eskimoe to find it an bring back the Creators Spiritual Happiness to get on the ball to receating!

B-Rein4321d ago

WTF we suffer because of sh*tty M$ Wat The hell cmon SE make it timed exclusive then, itll still sell like crazy jus look at how many people want this game, dont make us wait till 2010 ive been waiting for this game since 2006 and an extra year jus cus of a crappy company, if it was still a working title till 2010 it wud have been ok, but it cane be relesed during 2009 but beig held back cus of M$ that pisses me off.

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LightningPS34321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Atleast it still comes out first on PS3, even if it's just in Japan. But you gotta show respect. Japan is the origin.

Second, Square promises to completely ignore 360 development till the PS3 version is done. So it's being developed like a PS3 exclusive. If that's true, We'll see how well it ports to 360. Probably won't be quite the same game.

Panthers4321d ago

as long as the story is good then I do not care about the multiplatform thing. I cant play these western RPGs because they completely lack story. I want my FF. I am only bitter about 360 holding up this game for everyone.

vloeistof4321d ago

well se was close with nintendo first.

not they have been with sony all the time

sephy 9 2 54321d ago

they haven't lost the main franchise in a similar fashion.

Harry1904321d ago

This info is so confusing.

cp684321d ago

i wonder when we'll have some 'intelligent' translators...

kindi_boy4321d ago

now Microsoft fcked everyone else.

B-Rein4321d ago

yeh, you can say that again, those a$$ holes ive never been annoyed that much over a game