5 Ways Halo Wars 2 Must Improve to Survive

With the recent announcement of Halo Wars 2, fans are excited to finally see a sequel to the original 2009's Halo Wars, which was was built from the ground up for the Xbox 360. The first ever Halo real-time strategy game was praised for its attention to detail and excellent use of the console's controller-something that was inevitably the pitfall of previous attempts to bring the RTS genre to home consoles.

Halo Wars has sold more than one million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling real-time strategy game on a console to date. However, while many Halo fans touted it for bringing the RTS genre to the Halo universe, the game wasn't without its problems.

(Didn't play the original? Here's the Zero Punctuation review from back in 2009.)

Halo Wars 2 is set to land Autumn 2016. Here are 5 ways the sequel needs to improve over the original.

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4Sh0w1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

"Improve to survive"?....pffft did he play the same Halo Wars I did on 360? That game was the best RTS on a console last gen, with near perfect controls adapted for a controller, which is likely why it sold well so well for a genre thats never been big on consoles.

-Of course improvements are always welcome though.

Foehammer1131d ago


Ergo the reason it is the best selling console RTS in history.

It's another great genre that adds to the diversity of the console.

Looking forward to the next instalment.

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Obamacare1131d ago

I agree with everything you said. I had friends who played halo wars, and never played an RTS game in their life. They were hooked. Halo got them motivated to buy the game, the awesome gameplay kept them there.

otherZinc1131d ago

Oh please! They'd better not change 1 thing about Halo Wars! That was a perfect console RTS Game!

Just make natural improvements! And it's a Day 1 Purchase.

Summons751131d ago

On top of great controls it also had a really good story for a Halo game that wasn't in the main series. I'm pretty picky with RTS games but that was one of the few I highly enjoyed.

Gunstar751131d ago

Was my most played game last gen

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raggy-rocket1131d ago

I spent more time on that multiplayer than I have any Halo multiplayer. With friends, the most enjoyable RTS multiplayer I've ever played on RTS or console. I LOVE real-time battles. Halo wars 2 needs to improve the graphics, add space bases/ships and any other improvements are extra. Oh and maybe increase the scale (e.g make marine unit have more marines in the squad at once) and make the maps bigger. Can't wait, so far away, though.

Mikefizzled1131d ago

I wonder if they could employ cloud compute as a backup because I distinctly remember the FPS taking a dive during a crazy fight.

raggy-rocket1131d ago

PC or console* (too late to edit)

@Mikefizzled I'd love to see cloud compute being used multiplayer to use my suggestion of making each unit bigger, could help with that many things on screen at once, or in space battles (and on ground too), cloud compute could mean lots more realistic debris floating everywhere or coming off bases. Could make the in game battles look much cooler, especially if they did like really convincing destructability of vehicles as well with lots of bits of wreckage using cloud compute to keep it stable.

Irishguy951131d ago

Really? Halo wars is good for a console RTS(The best imo), but its pretty...average...for an RTS

A7XEric1131d ago

Can we talk about how all of the units in the first game were all one color? Like yea I get that it helps distinguish the different factions, but to an unnecessary degree.

It sounds lame and shallow, but this one of the only things I really want to see get changed from the first game.

ScorpiusX1131d ago

I have a few suggestion
1_Pick a release date and alternative date but tell no one in the industry .

2-Market the hell out of it

3-Decently priced DLC w/ the occasional free dlc .

4is one might sound crazy but allow us Various views , like how driving games have it set up .....

RiseofScorpio1131d ago

Would be cool to watch a battle from a ground view.

Roccetarius1131d ago

Halo + simplified control design to use a controller = best selling console RTS. I wouldn't even count it with the games being released on the PC, where the home of strategy is.

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