Herman Hulst opens up about the storytelling in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Managing Director of Guerilla Games answered our questions about the fascinating world.

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chrisx1132d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn looks so beautiful. GG did a really good job this is a must play

MrSec841131d ago

I totally agree with this.
I love the fact that everything in the world has a logical point to it, I definitely got that vibe from the gameplay in the trailer.

That logical approach to game design is going to make learning the systems highly intuitive, which should most absolutely make the game very fun to play.

The more I hear about this game, the more I want it in my PS4, definite Game of the Year material!

Majin-vegeta1132d ago

*Throws money at screen*
But nothing happening D:.

MrSec841131d ago

Don't worry it won't be long before you can take your money to a website or shop and hand that over to then have the game handed over or delivered to you!

Guerrilla has a pretty quick turn around from announcement to release.

medman1132d ago

Day one, no question.

JMaine5181132d ago

I can't wait to see more. Easily my game of the show from E3 2015

Angeljuice1132d ago

Spoiler Alert;

I've sussed out the story line. In the future ZOIDS will inherit the Earth.

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