Check Out PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death's Wacky and Lovely Graphics in 119 1080p Screenshots

The upcoming PS4 exclusive free to play shooter Drawn to Death by David Jaffe and the good folks at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency looks absolutely lovely, in the most wacky way possible.

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Chaosdreams1186d ago

I may become addicted to this.

XisThatKid1185d ago

Check out their site to sign up for the beta it's fun. You'll die a whole lot

MilkMan1186d ago

Looks good, but I hate free to play and micro trans. So I'll be watching the streams rather than playing.

WeAreLegion1185d ago

Um... It's free. Just play it. That's what it's there for. To be enjoyed. You don't even have to pay.

Shadonic1185d ago

David Jaffe doesn't like pay to win and their communicator to sony agreed to stay away from it.

XisThatKid1185d ago

Goto their site for beta sign up its goin on right now. It's pretty fun

Farsendor11185d ago

Free to play doesn't automatically mean Pay to win. I'm really looking forward to this one though so I could be a bit biased.

ion6661186d ago

just make twisted metal black 2. I will literally throw money at them.

DFresh1185d ago

I'm glad that's it's a 3rd person shooter.
So awesome.

SynestheticRoar1185d ago

Jaffe is a pimp. Going to enjoy this.