HoloLens will turn every room in your house into a new level - Kudo Tsunoda


"Kudo Tsunoda has never been a wallflower – as head of EA Chicago, he was the face of such bolshy franchises as Fight Night and Def Jam. But even he must have found it slightly daunting when he was briefly thrust in the glaring spotlight during his time as creative director of Project Natal – later Kinect. Now, Tsunoda assumes a quieter – yet busier – role working across Microsoft’s impressive portfolio of studios. He recently found time to catch up with OXM about the future of first-party software on Xbox One."

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lameguy1131d ago

Kudo, dude, I have a small kitchen, small living room, and a bedroom & bath... That's it. They never change either with regard to layout or furniture.

I can't wait to play on that same 'level' over and over and over again! /s

P.S. Kinect for gaming sucked and you should feel really bad about that.

raggy-rocket1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I'm loving it. 360 Kinect sucked but Kinect 2.0 can and has added great little additions to games.

rdgneoz31131d ago

"Kinect 2.0 can and has added great little additions to games."

What exactly are those little additions that the 360 kinect didn't have? Both are basically being used as mics / voice commands these days.

LifeInNZ1130d ago

The use of Kinect for playing Alien Isolation is great. Head tracking to peer around objects and making noise can attract the enemy.

Good example of how Kinect can augment traditional gaming experiences.

Christopher1131d ago

@lameguy: Just break into someone else's home, and Voila! New levels!

spicelicka1131d ago

That could be a game of its own! xD

OpieWinston1131d ago

Why should he feel bad for about it? It pushed 360 units, it had quite a few engaging games. It was a success. The problem was when Don Mattrick pushed it on the X1. At the time Kudo moved onto working on HoloLens.

Angeljuice1130d ago

It was a success in the fact that they sold loads of them but as far as its overall impact and what it achieved compared to its potential, it stands as one of the all time biggest disappointments in gaming history.

BeefCurtains1130d ago

I agree to a point angel, but is that Kudo's fault, or developers for not embracing it and delivering?

I think the potential of the Kinect is there, but gamers pushed so hard against it this generation why would a developer use resources to really utilize it?

blackblades1130d ago

Thinking the same thing, having the same level over and over again. It's sounds great for some things but straight up games na.

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Timesplitter141131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Hololens strikes me as another one of those "things that are cool for a brief moment and then you never touch again", folowing in the footsteps of VirtualBoy, Kinect, Google Glass, 3DTV, Sixaxis tilt sensor, the voice-command google search thing on android phones, and so many others.

Like, yes, I have no doubt it actually will transform your rooms into levels. But how long will you stay impressed by this? I give it a few hours tops.

There is one area I see true potential in hololens: board games. I could totally see Nintendo reviving pokemon cards and making them hololens-compatible so that you actually see the pokemon fighting. Now the question is: will enough people buy the Hololens?

Fin_The_Human1131d ago

TBH the fact that I can watch Sports or Netflix on it is a must buy for me.

We have one TV in the living room and it has to be spit between multiple people so being able to watch TV on any wall is will cut down on eleytic bill since I dont have to run the 60inch TV.

Timesplitter141130d ago

I don't think a large TV actually raises your electricity bill that much. At least 80% of it is heating, ovens, AC, electrical appliances in general

LonDonE1130d ago

One tv? Dude the money this holo lens will likely cost would allow you to buy another awesome hdtv or two!!
1080p tvs are dirt cheap man, i have 2 tvs and a benq gaming monitor in my living room, and hdtvs in each bedroom, they are peanuts in cost these days!

hololens will likely be expensive, better spendint that £££$$$ on awesome big screen tv for your gaming.

christian hour1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Hololens + Magic the gathering, yeah I'm sold.

Or hololens with tabletop gaming such as 40k... hnnngh.

Of course I'll never be fancy or rich enough to afford hololens and a pc capable of processing what needs processing. Nor will the people I tabletop game with be able to.

But hey, maybe local tabletop gaming nights will incorporate it in some way. Assuming people make programs for hololens that you can use with tabletop gaming.

Actually, now that I'm on that subject, is hololens open source? Can anyone mess with and edit the source code and release their own programs or do they have to pay licensing fees to see their pet projects and passions come to fruition?

I remember a lot of programmers had a field day with Kinnect when it came out, making programs that really took advantage of the tech and using the extra processing power made available on a pc to track more than the kinect ever could on 360. But nobody could ever release their stuff online as freeware and even if they did it was usually met with a cease and decist from MS. Hope thats not the case with hololens

RpgSama1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Holo lens look like an incredible piece of hardware, but on a personal level never really liked Kudo Tsunoda, ever since he was working on EA, he looks like a Douchebag and talks like a douchebag.

lxlkuyaboilxl1131d ago

It looks like you're not the only one that feels this way. I was looking for a video and tripped up on this page:


DragonDDark1130d ago

Lol I don't blame him. His reputation isn't really that good.

annoyedgamer1130d ago

Isnt being a dbag one of the requirements to work at EA? ;)

SmokingMonkey1131d ago

So people who live in mansions will have "more levels" than say, someone living in...Japan?

Hololens will be great for teaching and for Medical reasons...gaming...not so much IMO.

Table top games will do well with Hololens.....trying to blend reality into a "shooter" is a bad idea.

For gaming I think VR > AR

Timesplitter141131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I'm pretty sure the "hololens will make science advance" statements are 100% blown out of proportion.

Keep in mind everything you see in the hololens must have been programmed by someone. It's not like there will be situations where doctors will be looking at a virtual human hologram and say "OH SHIT here's a new organ we've never seen before!"

SmokingMonkey1131d ago

True, it will take many baby-steps in medicine. So will VR. Future Nano bot surgery, controlled in first person?

I always liked the thought of a teacher over looking his/her classroom and seeing Stats/needs of particular students.

Timesplitter141130d ago

What are the odds something like this will actually be made or be useful?

How would you make a needs detector? Will the teacher actually run from student to student completing their "needs quests"? Will students have exclamation points over their heads, demanding that you bring them 5 boar hides?

SmokingMonkey1130d ago

LOL funny,at boar hide quest.

Maybe one child has a learning disabilty?

or a hearing problem?

Perhaps a child's test scores could show lack of knowledge in one area?

Some of these things are pretty wild EXPENSIVE ideas, but the year 2000.

...oh, I mean.....2100....if there are any humans left, to even teach.....

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