10 Best New Wii U Games Of 2015

"These are the best new Wii U games of 2015, with titles from almost every major Nintendo franchise."

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luckytrouble2143d ago

Half the list includes games that haven't come out, and if we're really tossing Mario Party 10 into the mix, I feel I need to revoke the list maker's right to ever making a list like this again.

Spenok2143d ago

If only it were so easy. N4G gets a lot of trash approved... unfortunately.

pelenow2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

It's kind of a shallow pool, unfortunately. That being said though the WiiU has more than enough stellar games to warrant the asking price. I sort of think it's the new Dreamcast. People will not recognize how great it is until after it's death.