Until Dawn Might Be Fictional, But the Terror is Real

Until Dawn succeeded in so many different way in creating a genuinely scary gaming experience. TZR's newest writer Dom details all the aspects that made this such a frightening and fantastic.

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ZeroSkerbo2143d ago

This game is fantastic, definitely worth a play though for anyone that's a fan of horror

miyamoto2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

This game is gonna have legs way beyond Halloween.
Tons of Let's Players on YouTube supporting this game make it viral.

Also this game has taught me to be a more compassionate and reasonable person. Love it, love it, love it.

callumjack2143d ago

Throwing this on the gamefly list, not long enough to buy but definitely worth playing

Summons752142d ago

It's not long but multiple endings give great incentive to replay so it's totally worth the buy. Even more so if you have friends come over who haven't played it, tell them they are playing it and enjoy the ride and their reactions.

Spotie2142d ago

Not long enough? What's the minimum length needed to be worth a purchase?

ChouDa2142d ago

After my Blair Witch Project experience as a child, I don't know if I can handle another traumatizing experience.

Pintheshadows2142d ago

I am still scarred by the painting in Ghostbusters 2. The scourge of Carpathia. Screw that guy.

uth112142d ago

This is a fun game, i didn't find it all that scary though, not compared to P.T. anyway.

OB1Biker2142d ago

Yea I'd say I found it very tense to play at times and a few good jump scares.

Pintheshadows2142d ago

This game doesn't make my heart want to leave my chest as much as P.T. or Outlast, but it is very very enjoyable.

Summons752142d ago

I didn't find the game all that scary when I played it. The game is amazing and the story is thrilling but I wouldn't call it horror. Definitely a dark thriller though.

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