When the video store arrives

When the video store finally hits Europe what will we get? Will we have every piece of content the US store has or different? Hopefully we won't get a slow start with lack of downloads on there. Either way, there are various things that would be great to see.

Looking on many web sites such as HMV and PLAY you can see they all have cheap sale DVD's. How about creating a section on the store that offers a downloadable equivalent. *BUY SHAUN OF THE DEAD £3*. That would be great! It would also mean more money spending, especially if it really was Shaun of the Dead.

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Blackcanary4392d ago

SHAUN OF THE DEAD would be a must buy for me loved that film to bits.

Bell Boy4392d ago

As I live in the states now I'm really hoping that alot of english shows become available on the video store, top gear, shameless, spaced, phoenix nights to name a few.

My guess is though it will be region locked which sucks

Mr_cheese4392d ago

spaced is brilliant and so is top gear! you have a good taste my friend.