6 reasons you stopped playing Destiny (and why you should come back)


"Destiny is a very, very different shooter to the one that launched 12 months ago. It has been patched, tweaked, added to, tweaked some more, then patched again for good measure. Weapons have been balanced and rebalanced, loot caves have been blocked off, and two expansions have brought fresh challenges for Guardians to take on. So much has changed but despite this, many have fallen off the Destiny wagon."

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dimasok1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I hated having to play the same shit over and over again... until I finished the storyline for Realm Reborn and had to replay the same fucking two dungeons over and over again to get max-level gear.

All MMO-like games, by design, are repetitive garbage, so perhaps we just need to accept it.

ORyanDeee1185d ago

I played Realm Reborn by myself and found it really boring doing the repetitive stuff, but i got to know a group of people on there and voice chatting with them while doing it makes it a lot less boring.
So now i only ever play those MMO type games with friends.

Bimkoblerutso1185d ago

I could have a good time at the DMV if my friends were with me. Not trying to call you out personally, but I feel like MMO's always seem to get a free pass because they're "fun to play with friends." But they actually aren't. They just set you on mundane enough tasks that you can tune it out and joke around with your friends.

camel_toad1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


Good point and so true that MMOs get a pass because "fun with friends". DMV with friends is a great analogy. I try a new mmo now and again with friends but it always ends up being the same situation with every game.

The genre needs a swift kick in the ass to change things up or it may eventually go the way of the dodo bird.

ORyanDeee1184d ago

@Bimkoblerutso, i actually kind of agree with you there, the main reason i play the MMO final fantasy XIV is to just chat, i wouldn't really play it otherwise.
But games like these do appeal to heaps of people in that they are so invested in their character that they don't mind doing those repetitive things over and over again.
It would be awesome to have a MMO that eliminates the repetitive stuff though.

CBaoth1184d ago

you guys wanna talk about games getting a free pass? I won't mention the obvious targets. But just wait until Nov. 10th. Then we'll hear about how great FO4 is (88-92 meta I'm wagering) yet everyone will overlook the dozens of quest bugs, game breaking glitches, and corrupted saves. It's gotten so bad that I'll have to wait 6 months for the modding community to fix the POS before I can play it. Sad part is the PC crowd will be too busy fapping thier meat over a publisher releasing a SDK to notice Bugthesda is letting them do all the work because they're too f&%#ing lazy to fix it themselves! They'll be off making bite-sized, overpriced DLC for the masses instead of the great expansions of yesteryears we've come to expect like Shivering Isle. Now compare the polish of a Rockstar game to them. Night and day.

IMO this is the very defintion of "free pass". Hard to label co-op in a MMO as such when it's inherent to the genre's design.

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Spenok1184d ago

They add content over time, although it's free in-between the expansion packs. However if you consider the amount of content they give you in updates that AREN'T expansion packs it's ridiculous by comparison. Imagine if games like Destiny got that kind of treatment. It would be 10 times the size in content in all areas of the game. Final Fantasy definitely does it right.

ORyan also has a good point. There are far more things to do than just those, and if you have friends to chat with/run the content with it's much less boring. There is Bismark and Ravana EX, Alexander NM and EX, and soon to be a new Raid along with several new dungeons. New gear, and new Relic weapon and so on. I think it's late this month, or early next. But there will be plenty more new to do soon.

dimasok1184d ago

Its all repetitive though. You beat Ravana EX, Bismark EX and Alexander NM or Savage and that's it (let's assume that by then you already have the esoterics for i200 gear so you don;t need to run the same two end-game dungeons over and over).

Sure, they have a lot of stuff coming soon, but you're forgetting that its a SUBSCRIPTION game for which you pay MONTHLY whereas Destiny, for all its endless faults and price gouging is a ONE-TIME purchase.

Spenok1183d ago

Except you're still forgetting all the other content available. Other classes, including gathering and crafting as the simplest. You've got dailies of ALL sorts, Gold Saucer, which has tons of stuff, chocobo racing, Triple Triad. Pony runs, as well as now running for rare minions, as they just announced a new minion battle arena thing for Triple Triad. Sightseeing, treasure hunts and so on and so forth. There's so much to distract you from those 2 dungeons and Alex it's not even funny.

dimasok1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I am not discounting the wealth of content in RR compared to Destiny and its to be expected considering its a traditional MMO with a subscription and a wealth of lore to draw from.

Personally, I hated gathering/crafting and only used GS for the daily cactus (which based on what I read is essentially what the majority of the player-base does nowadays) and GS, while looking nicely, is actually not as good as the original GS in FF7 but hopefully it will be up to snuff the more they work on it. Also, the gathering/crafting requirements are insane right now so most people are abandoning it in droves (read reddit on that)

You could argue that every person extracts whatever value that suits them from the game, but Destiny, despite its limited content compared to the much more varied RR is ONLY focused on gunplay and nothing else and it does a great job at it (which is why people are still playing it) despite its repetitive content (which TT will hopefully somewhat alleviate) whereas RR also does an admirable job in combat but up to the current HW expansion, you essentially do the same shit over and over combat-wise and if you don't care about gathering/crafting, lvling other professions (couldn't be bothered after doing it for a while) or GS, you're essentially left with the same repetitive shit that Destiny has given your particular selection criteria.

Anyway, I guess the point of it is that RR doesn't answer my particular value tastes given my criteria of what I enjoy which is why I unsubbed until more of the stuff I enjoy is released (i.e. more dungeons, 24-men raid, more primals, relic quest, etc) whereas I don't really care too much for it with Destiny because TT is shaping up to be a fairly good package given how much I paid for it (I think it was $40 for those who already have the other content).

Its really hard of course for Square to satisfy the tastes of everyone, but to me the lack of content in my chosen category of fun is very conspicuous.

RR/HW was fun while it lasted through the combat regime and now its a borefest for me but of course its all IMHO and with a few more dungeons and raids, I am likely to go back to RR and play it just as avidly as I did before (I blitzed through both RR/HW in less than two weeks I think and I put a shitton of hours into it over the 2 or 3 months I was subscribed to it)

Spenok1182d ago

All fair points, but jesus dude, blowing through all that content in 2 weeks is ridiculous. MMO's, as I'm sure you know are half about the community involvement. Getting to know people, running end game raids with friends and so on.

You must have been on vacation or something lol.

dimasok1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

That's a whole other story :)

My FC was doing all of the HW stuff so I wanted to join them too which meant that I had to get there lol

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Wolfenstein511185d ago

I am looking to get back into it. I sold it a month after release because of repetitive nature and slow loot progression. However, the shooting mechanics were always top notch. I think the bundle will be worth it. Best buy gamers club - 47.99 baby!

Steptoe1185d ago

after playing the new Destiny 2.0 i deleted the game from my hdd. Might hang on to it though until ttk releases. If it's as great as they say i'll pop it back in and give it another go. This is a game where you can tell the devs had no control. It has publisher written all over it. Which is sad. Cause a great game it could have been. I do like it. But i don't like it enough to keep buying their crap dlc. Should have been the game they promised on release.

lnfiniteLoop1185d ago

once bitten twice shy... no thanks...

nosferatuzodd1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Well said brother same her lv 34 warlock lv 34hunter lv34 Titan has every exotic in the damn game from gjallerhorn to necrochasm every piece of gear their is I will never touch this game with a stick after all that this is how they treat their vet players you want taken king pay 60 for a damn dlc really ok cool I'm enjoying elder scroll online and destiny is not a mmmo

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