Japan's Trailer for Destiny: The Taken King is Weirdly Awesome

Just a few days out from Destiny: The Taken King, which means it's time for some ads. And Japan's is kinda great.

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Swiggins1185d ago

.....what are they putting in the water over there?

That was just weird...

cplus1185d ago

If I lived in Japan I'd watch tv just for the commercials.

Chaosdreams1185d ago

Bahaha, oh I love how they present things. I really do. It's a nice contrast to the approach elsewhere.

GigawattConduit1185d ago

Seriously. They're just full of a lot more energy and passion into their ads, while our energy is usually reserved for cartoons. Or drugs, sometimes.

Godmars2901185d ago

Redundant: Japan by definition is "Weirdly Awesome".