Mad Max Review – A Wasteland Of Wasted Opportunity (GamersHeroes)

Captain Camper of Gamers Heroes writes:

Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road comes yet another attempt to cash in on big screen hype and once again paying customers are left $60 out of pocket and 30 hours of wasted life they’ll never get back. Mad Max promised an open world of exploration, combat and vehicular manslaughter and although it can claim to deliver on some elements of those promises the overall experience falls short.

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eklektic1131d ago

I wasn't a fan of mad max before this game but i am now and have watched 1-4 in a row. I read one review saying max isn't known for fighting lol and they questioned why there was hand to hand at all. Witch they dropped the review score for it. Yet max fights in every movie. I didn't read this review because it's probably just as half assed as the rest but this game is amazing. The story is great. Max is a ex cop who has killed so many people he's lost his mind. He's a legend a myth a shadow no one really knows. His story is that of a drifter with no ties. He's almost a realistic batman. But wants to be alone but at the same time needs to help people. A sort of anti-hero hero lol. Brilliant. And the game completely allows you to be that. It's a great game.

CaptainCamper1131d ago

The only morality choices in Mad Max is whether to give water to wandering strangers or run them down, and the latter is far more rewarding.

The story is great? You spend 90% of the game without a real antagonist, chasing nothing more than a V8 engine and the ending? Completely erased after a 20 second cut-scene. Poor.

The difference between my review and your comment? I completed the game before sharing my opinion, you didn't even bother to read the review :D

eklektic1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Lol i completed the game. It was the chase of the v8 i loved the most. The big chief! I mean you can take it personally i don't mind i have 40 plus hours in this game and have loved every second. I beat it at 26 hours. So i mean you can think what you want and not like what you don't like but the truth is the games great even though you don't like it. And if i think your opinion is half assed, then guess what lol it is.

eklektic1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

O and the choice to help the stronghold your in is a choice you can choose to never do, witch i didn't until i beat the game. So maybe it's you that didn't quite finish it. Or maybe you just need someone telling you what you should do in a video game. Some of us like to explore the world the development team built for us. But then again I'm sure you gave a game like destiny a 9 where your lead has 10 lines through the whole game and nothing makes sense unless you go online and read cards you collected in game. To each there own i suppose. Good luck with the reviews big guy.