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Kim at GameSpew writes: "An arid wasteland with nothing but barren desert as far as the eye can see. All you’ve got are the clothes on your back, and the set of wheels attached to your gas pedal. In a world where civilisation is all but forgotten, only two things matter: guzzolene and violence. And you’re going to have to use a lot of the latter if you want any of the former. You are Mad Max. And shit is about to get crazy.

Oceans dried up, and humanity was left to rot. Civilisation died out a long time ago, and those that remain are mere shadows of the humans that came before them: savages that only speak the lingo of bloodlust and crazed ideas. Roads may have long since been worn away and buried under ever-expanding deserts, but road rage lives on. If you want to be anybody in this new, rotten world, you’ve got to own the roads, and that’s exactly what Max intends to do."

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Xristo1225d ago

It's good to see a good score for a great game. Many other reviews have left me shaking my head.

UnHoly_One1225d ago

Agreed. I am loving this game.

35 hours in and I haven't touched 2/3 or more of the map.